Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hillshire Farm Grilled Essentials Chicken Apple Quesadillas {Recipe}

apple chicken quesadillasThat's right, that says Chicken Apple Quesadillas.

Did you just wrinkle your nose? Or have you actually tried this before?

If so, why have you been keeping the deliciousness a secret from me?

As browsing recipes is one of my new favorite indulgences, I recently came across the idea of putting apples in quesadillas on and I knew I had to give it a try. Plus, having been introduced to how fast and easy it is to prepare chicken with Hillshire Farm Grilled Essentials (hello! Sixty seconds in the microwave and you have great-tasting chicken breasts!), I knew that I could pull together a way for my family to enjoy this concoction with only minutes of prep work.

And you know what? I was right.

Chicken Apple Quesadillas

4 Flour tortillas
1 package Hillshire Farm Grilled Essentials (I used the Lemon Pepper flavor, but the Grilled Chicken Breast would work as well if you didn't want the lemon zing to it), heated and chopped
¼ lb - ½ lb cheddar or Monterey jack cheese, sliced or grated
1 Apple, sliced
Salsa to taste

kid-friendly recipeHeat a large skillet on medium high heat and place one tortilla in the skillet. Let it heat, flipping occasionally, until it has puffed slightly.

Place cheese on half of the tortilla, being careful to not get too close to the edge. Add ¼ of the chopped Grilled Essentials chicken pieces and fold the tortilla in half. Press the folded tortilla down slightly with a spatula and lower the heat to medium.

When the cheese is sufficiently melted, remove the quesadilla from the heat. Open it back up and layer on a few apple slices and salsa. Fold the quesadilla back up again, cut, and serve. Repeat with remaining tortillas and ingredients for a total of 4 quesadillas.

Although my husband was especially doubtful at the result of adding the apple, that was quickly disproved by the girls digging right in!

kid-friendly recipeThe sweet crispiness of the apple complements the traditional flavors of the quesadilla perfectly and when the only sound I hear from the table is happy munching, I know that we've found a meal that will stay in our permanent rotation.

Want to see the process in action and how quick this meal truly is by using Grilled Essentials?

The next time you are looking for a fast, easy, kid-friendly meal, give this one a try!

Disclosure: This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Anonymous said...

This actually sounds really good. Never thought of chicken with apples but do ham and apples all the time.

Beth Larrabee said...

That sounds really good!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

GREAT recipe! I need to find these Hillshire Chicken! I actually love apples on my sandwiches! I do chicken breast, apple and feta cheese! YUM!

Lauren said...

I love your video! Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly said...

This looks really good. I would love to make this for ME, let alone my kids. LOL!

Thanks for sharing this drool-worthy recipe. :-)