Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ABC Kids Expo + a Broken Laptop = I Need a Nap

This past weekend was the annual ABC Kids Expo, a massively large trade show for retailers big and small to show off their current and new baby and kids products to the world.

ABC Kids logoI was introduced to the show last year when HABA brought me to Las Vegas with them to help share my love of their amazing products and had a great time talking to groups of buyers from large corporations and individual newcomers just opening their own shops.

When my time at the HABA booth was done, I was able to walk the nearly-1 million square feet of floor space to visit the other exhibitors and see everything from futuristic, high-tech products to simple, handmade items that moms and kids would be sure to love. In short, the whole thing was an eye-opening experience that I thoroughly enjoyed... and was ready to repeat again this year.

As the show moved to Louisville, I was excited about shorter flights and, even better, this trip had the added bonus of the fact that the airport security personnel I encountered seemed to not think I was someone who smuggles things onto airplanes in their pants as they did in 2010. Hey, I'm moving up in the world!

ABC ExpoThanks to Angela from MommyPR for letting me swipe her picture since of course I didn't do a good job of taking my own

This year the show was just as large (if not larger) and just as exciting. I found more new products that I wouldn't have thought of (although I wished that I had) and got to visit with companies to see what they had in store for 2012 that will surely knock consumers' socks off.

Even better than all of that? I had the opportunity to hang out with the hilarious and super-sweet Leanne from Rave and Review as well as meet the awesome Angela and Andrea from MommyPR, and give a quick hug to the always-adorable Kate from The Shopping Mama.

There was a lot of laughter, a nice dinner, a party at the Hard Rock, and what visit to Louisville would be complete without The Colonel himself?

Colonel SandersL to R: @Mommyof2Andrea, me, Colonel Sanders, @MommyPR, @RaveandReview

So, what could be stressful about all that?

Nothing, really. The weekend itself was a lot of fun. What turned out not-so-fun is that I've been in a position similar to this one since I arrived home:

broken laptopRemember the excitement I shared when my husband so thoughtfully gave me a new laptop for our anniversary? Remember how that was only two months ago?


Even though it went in my carry-on, my laptop somehow ended up broken internally... meaning that the screen itself isn't cracked, but the image is. At first it seemed to show up halfway, but then there was nothing but a white blur.

Not being able to get into my computer doesn't only mean a big hassle (blogging has a way of sort of depending on a computer and all), it means my entire life is inaccessible. Yes, you've heard it before, but not keeping up with backing up my files, my kids' pictures, even the plans that I've got in place for Big Sister E's birthday party... none of it is anywhere else besides on that one laptop.

Double sigh.

After dropping it (and a chunk of change) with the Geek Squad, I now have all of the important information recovered, which has made my heart stop racing quite as fast as when I first discovered the broken screen.

Even though now I have to wait and see what the company decides in terms of the fix (and whether or not it will be covered by the warranty), at least I have things back in my possession. I can put up with using my old laptop (even though using it is horribly painful due to how slow it is and how many issues it has - it has randomly shut itself down twice today already) as long as I haven't lost everything.

Back your stuff up, People. Do it now.

It makes my eyes well up thinking that someday I wouldn't have simple things like photos of my daughters' first day of school simply because I hadn't taken the time to toss them somewhere safe.

first day of schoolIrreplaceable.

So although my shoulders were already sore from lugging bags around the Expo, I think my entire body is now feeling the brunt of the stress of the last few days. I'm ready for a good long nap and a nice, hot shower. Preferably with a Professor Toilet blogsoothing massaging shower head like those that are featured on the Professor Toilet blog. That professor sure knows his stuff when it comes to a calming shower experience and soothing away the effects that tension has in our lives!

Will I go to the ABC Expo again next year?

Maybe... ask me after I'm in a tranquil and relaxed state from my shower. One thing I know for sure, however, is that the next time my laptop moves from its rightful place on the table, it's getting wrapped in bubble wrap.

Double-wrapped, actually.

I am receiving a Monoglide Hand Shower, metal shower hose and mounting bracket from American Standard, however, all of the thoughts, opinions, and stress in this post are (unfortunately) completely mine.


Jenny said...

Oh no, Xenia! That is terrible about your laptop! It's brand new.

I hope you can get it fixed and working soon!

Andrea said...

It was so great to meet you as well. Sorry about your laptop. Huge (((HUGS))) I will keep my fingers crossed that it will all be covered by warranty and fixed promptly.

As for next year...all 3 of you can stay at my house (imagine the trouble we would get into)!!

Leanne said...

Yay on getting to hang out all day long and walk the show together. But boooo on stress, broken laptops, and not being able to take that shower NOW!

Erika said...

Yikes! I would be stressed about the computer too - pictures ARE priceless, not to mention everything else that you've put so much hard work into. It sounds like you had a great time at the event!