Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rock Star Party Tips with Kidz Bop 20 {Review}

Kidz Bop logoWhen my children were younger, every time we got in the car I was sure to have kids' music cued up and ready to go. After all, if we weren't singing along to The Wheels on the Bus or Old MacDonald, was I denying them an important developmental aspect of childhood?

Fast-forward a few years and my brain just can't take the nursery rhymes any longer.

But considering that the topics and lyrics of the songs that I might choose are too mature for a 4-year-old and 2-year-old, I was starting to feel that I was destined to have to put up with I'm a Little Teapot for quite some time to come.

And then we went to a birthday party where each attendee received a mixed CD of the birthday boy's favorite songs and it introduced us to Kidz Bop, therefore making our musical lives forever changed.

Kidz Bop KidsSpending the last 10 years delivering safe and entertaining music for kids, Kidz Bop CDs are known for being a compilation of "today's biggest hits sung by kids for kids." By taking the popular songs of the year, removing the suggestive lyrics and having them performed by kids, it's no wonder that parents as well as children can appreciate these CDs - which is why more than 11 million of them have been sold to date!

After having listened to our mix so many times and having my husband turn to me to say, "You've got to get more of these!" it was easy to say that the whole family was happy the day that Kidz Bop 20 arrived.

Kidz Bop 20 review

Celebrating their 10th birthday with the release of Kidz Bop 20, this CD features the hottest songs of the summer such as "Born This Way," "Perfect," "Forget You" and many more. Although many of these songs would feature subjects, words and content that I would find inappropriate for my children, the Kidz Bop version is just right!

From the moment I pressed play, the whole family was moving and grooving and enjoying just how catchy these songs are. Because they are kid-friendly, I didn't have to worry about lyrics talking about drugs, alcohol or sex, instead we were able to dance or sing along to the familiar tunes but in a much more suitable way for young listeners. We loved it then and we still love it now!

If the music wasn't fun enough, in honor of Kidz Bop's 10th birthday, they want to make sure that kids everywhere have all of the tips that they need to throw a rockin' music-themed birthday party:
  • Rock Star Style – when inviting your friends to your rock star themed birthday party make sure you tell them to dress up as their favorite musician! Everyone will look like a rock star, and they’ll feel like one too!
  • Press Play – Create a playlist full of your favorite songs to play during the party.
  • Birthday Bling – Decorate your party with disco balls, CDs and posters of your favorite bands and singers.
  • Air Guitar Contest – Have your guests channel their inner rock star with an awesome air guitar contest! The guest with the best air moves wins a cool prize.
  • Kidz Bop Karaoke – Set up karaoke machine so that your guests can sing their hearts out! For even more fun, make music videos with your friends and upload to later.
  • Cool Cover Art – Have your friends make their own CD covers. Cut blank white pieces of paper into a square and include blank CD cases that everyone can insert their covers into after they’re done.
  • Dance Party – Music and dancing go hand in hand, so having an area where people can dance is key. Turn on Kidz Bop Dance Moves and watch your friends and family as they try to pull off all of the latest dance moves.
  • Make a wish – No birthday is complete without a birthday cake. Whether your cake is in the shape of a guitar, or a music note, it will be a hit as long as it's yummy.
Whether you're having a rockin' party or just want something that the whole family can enjoy in the car, Kidz Bop 20 and the line of Kidz Bop CDs are sure to be a hit. More details and purchase information can be found on the Kidz Bop Shop (this CD retails for $13.98) as well as on Amazon (for $11.88).

(Other than the information and copy of Kidz Bop 20 that I was sent from Kidz Bop, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their music.)


Night Owl Mama said...

My kids love KIDS BOP. especially my 5 yr old son. He sings and dances and always asks for Kids bop in the car we really need to get an updated version though I'm tired of the same songs

Anonymous said...

Grand idea! Happy weekend. Hope u can stop by today.