Thursday, September 1, 2011

Merino Kids Toddler Sleep Bag from {Review} logoThere are some aspects about children (mine, at least) that I don't think I'll ever understand.

The need to talk continuously about absolutely nothing for ages on end, the overwhelming obsession with something being "mine!" if they've touched it once, and how in the world that they don't seem to get cold when sleeping without blankets.

Fortunately, there is a solution to that last one in the form of and the innovative and high quality Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag.

Merino KidsAvailable in sizes that fit newborns up to 4 years, these Sleep Bags are crafted from superfine allergy-safe merino wool that results in a product that is luxuriously soft and light on young skin. This fiber also has the remarkable ability to regulate body temperature, meaning that a Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag is the ideal all-year-round sleeping environment for your babies and children.

As someone who is continually searching for just the right balance between being too hot and too cold when I sleep, the idea that these Sleep Bags can capture and circulate the air was extremely intriguing. By having the merino wool insulate your baby when the room temperature falls while releasing excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises, they are left with a perfect micro-climate around their body. This sounds like something that I could use for me!

When the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag for toddlers (ages 2-4) arrived, we were ready to check it out and see the quality for ourselves.

Merino Kids sleep bag reviewMerino Kids Baby Sleep BagFeaturing a 100% natural long staple cotton outer layer for extra durability, we noticed right away just how soft and comfortable this Sleep Bag truly is. With plenty of room inside the bag, I had no worries that Little Sister B would fit comfortably with space to spare.

As the strong zipper on the side zips from the top down (the opposite of a traditional zipper), I appreciated that there was no chance of the pull tag bothering Little Sister B's skin or arm, while also decreasing the possibility of her pulling or fiddling with it.

Merino Kids reviewAs the entire thing unzips nearly all the way, getting this Sleep Bag on only takes a moment. Little Sister B simply stepped inside and I had the shoulder snaps closed and the zipper in place in no time.

Merino Kids reviewAs I suspected, there was more than enough freedom for her to move around and the comfort of the fabric made it an instant hit. Whether relaxing or playing while awake...

toddler sleepsack...or staying just the right temperature when asleep, Little Sister B isn't constricted at all and can easily get into any position she desires.

toddler sleepsackShe's too light of a sleeper for me to attempt pictures at night, but fortunately she's also good at pretending!

Although I love the fact that Little Sister B can't slip underneath nor wriggle out and wake uncovered, the only issue that we have found is that without a way for her feet to stick out or easy access to removal, it does make it hard for her to get up during the night or in the morning to go to the bathroom.

However, for an infant or baby that is not yet potty trained, Merino's Sleep Bags would otherwise be a perfect fit! They even come with a patented safety belt aperture, making it so that your child can wear the sleep sack in a stroller or car seat and parents won't have to worry about the weather, moving a sleeping child to bed and more.

sleepsackMachine washable and available in a variety of colors, the extremely high quality of Merino Kids Sleep Bags do result in a higher price tag and range from $99 - $149. But for an item that will easily last for years (and through multiple children), these would make an amazing gift for the lucky child in your life.

Coming complete with a matching travel bag, much moresleep bag information about these sleepsacks, Merino Kids, and to make a purchase can be found on

Whether just starting out with a newborn or trying to keep your toddler from kicking all their blankets off, this is one item that can make sleeping a safe and comfortable time for children... which, as any mom knows, benefits the entire family.

(Other than a Merino Kids Sleep Bag that I was sent from, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this innovative and high quality product.)


Liz Mays said...

Wouldn't they also be worlds of fun in a sack race? I'd laugh hysterically! Of course, I'd then cry because I'd need to try to remove the grass stains embedded in that super cute fabric.

Never mind. Sleep only. Darn.

Jenny said...

That is cool for babies, but I can't imagine it for toddlers. Like you said, going to the bathroom would be quite difficult!

Anonymous said...

LOL she does exactly what Zoe does when pretending to sleep, smile and all. Too cute. I love sleep sacks. Zoe was in them all the time. I honestly didn't know they had them for our older girls. These look like great quality and are cute!