Friday, January 20, 2012

Bugaboo Stroller Tray: Tray Vous {Review}

Tray Vous logoI'd be hard-pressed to tell you the make or model of pretty much any car driving down the street (unless Red counts as a brand name), and the idea of trying to learn about them or even test drive them doesn't really interest me at all.

However, put me in a room with a bunch of strollers and now you're talking my language. I want to touch them, push them around, fold and unfold them... and there's a good chance that I can pinpoint the company they came from without too much trouble.

When it comes to luxury strollers, one of the names that jumps to mind as one that I've always admired is definitely Bugaboo. The quality, the durability, the comfort, this is one stroller that has it all. Except... a tray.

That's right, a tray. Instead of the flat surface that kids depend on to hold snacks, cups, toys and more, the Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Cameleon strollers feature a carry handle that can be used to easily move the seat to a different location.

Bugaboo strollerGreat for portability but not so much for plopping some Cheerios on there, you know?

Fortunately, Bugaboo parents everywhere can now end their search for the perfect snack and activity tray thanks to the innovative, mom-invented Tray Vous.

Tray VousThe first full-sized tray accessory for the Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Cameleon strollers, Tray Vous is designed to fit snugly and securely around the carry handle and provide a flat space that works for toddlers and children of all ages.

Intrigued by the added convenience of such a unique and much-needed product, I was interested in seeing if the Tray Vous would prove to be as valuable, stylish and easy to install as it claimed.

Bugaboo traySure enough, it was.

Tray Vous sent along clear and detailed instructions that only took a minute or two to follow. After removing the carry handle and snapping the two provided connectors into the stroller frame, the handle was then reattached and the tray was lowered right on top.

Tray Vous reviewAfter applying pressure to the tray to get it to lower fully into place (I was hesitant to press too hard in fear that I might break it, but it did need to be pushed down strongly to get it snug), the three Velcro straps on the bottom ensured that it stayed completely secure.

Tray Vous reviewThe quick installation of this tray also means that it can easily be removed when not needed or for cleaning... but in the meantime, what a convenience! The raised edges keep snacks or toys from sliding off, the cupholder fits standard sippy cups, and suddenly there is a place for toddlers to keep themselves entertained while you are out for a stroll, shopping, running errands, and more.

With a stylish and durable appearance that complements the overall sleek design of the Bugaboo stroller, Tray Vous is a simple concept that has turned into a versatile, useful, desirable accessory that is sure to get rave reviews (and big smiles) from users of all ages.

Bugaboo tray reviewFind more information about Tray Vous online and on Facebook, as well as to place your order - sold worldwide - for one of these convenient and safe trays (they are FDA compliant and free of lead, BPA, PVC and all phthalates). The U.S. price is $34.95 + shipping and, for any Bugaboo owner, this would make a welcome gift.

(Other than sample that I was sent by Tray Vous, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this product and its convenience.)


kailani said...

That looks like a pretty sturdy tray. Perfect for outings!