Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Britax Baby Carrier {Review}

Britax logoLooking back at the blog highlights of 2011, there is no way that I could forget heading to Louisville for the ABC Kids Expo and the ups (e.g. hanging out with great friends) and downs (e.g. returning home with a broken laptop) that came with it.

As for the show itself, there were quite a few highlights as well as Meh, I've seen that before products and companies. But when it came to the names that I was thrilled to see, whether new or an old favorite, one that comes to mind first in terms of impressive, innovative, high quality additions to their already-great collection had to be Britax.

BritaxHaving been a huge fan of Britax since the time that my kids were born, walking around their booth to see the latest car seats, strollers and more really did give me that kid-in-a-candy-shop feeling. The safety! The features! The colors and patterns!

But as much as I loved browsing the high quality strollers and top-of-the-line car seats, one section of Britax's displays made me do a double-take.

Britax Baby CarrierA carrier? Of course! From the company that already knows about how to travel safely and comfortably, it only makes sense that they would introduce a baby carrier so that when it is more convenient for parents to carry their child than use a stroller, they would have one from the name that they already know and trust.

Having tried out my fair share (more than my share, actually) of baby carriers over the years, I couldn't wait to see the ingenuity that Britax had included in their stylish new Baby Carrier.

Britax Baby CarrierCombining practicality, style, and innovation, the Britax Baby Carrier has been designed to provide the highest level of long-wearing comfort for parents and their growing baby. This versatile and ergonomic carrier allows babies to face inward or outward, and accommodates infants from eight pounds to toddlers up to 32 pounds.

Britax has made baby carrying easy by making their Baby Carrier straightforward and simple to use for multiple ages - no winding straps or complicated parts and pieces. Instead, the adjustable, padded straps and extremely simple slip-on design make this an easy choice for adults of all sizes.

Plus, with the classic look and simply styling, this is one piece of gear that everyone can enjoy wearing out and about.

Britax Baby Carrier reviewOpening up the Baby Carrier from Britax, I was immediately impressed with the thickness of the padding in every different area. From around the waist to the shoulder straps to the leg openings for baby, this is one carrier that screams comfort before even having it on.

Britax Baby Carrier reviewJust by having the Baby Carrier laid out, I found it pretty intuitive as to how you would place it for both the facing-in and the facing-out carry positions - something that I appreciated. Instead of feeling as though I needed to study a thick manual before even attempting to pick this up, it was clear that it would slip right on over the adult's head and snap into place.

However, I did like the simple photo-filled instructions that Britax included right on the carrier's straps, which not only made it easy to see just how it would be placed and adjusted, but there's no worry of not having an instruction booklet with you at all times.

Britax Baby Carrier instructionsSlipping the shoulder straps on and snapping the strong waist belt closed doesn't take much more effort than pulling on a sweatshirt...

Britax Baby Carrier...and all that's left to do is snap in a baby.

For infants from eight to 14 pounds, the Baby Carrier comes with a Removable Infant Insert that ensures a comfortable, natural sitting position and height that little ones need. Coming fully installed on the carrier, it was easy to see that this "hammock" seat would provide a wider seating area to allow infants to splay their hips and legs when facing inward.

And, in Britax's convenient style, the Insert is easily removed by simply unzipping it right from the carrier itself.

Britax Baby Carrier Infant InsertThen, to continue carrying your 14+ pound child facing inward, Britax has developed an optional Seat Extender Insert (sold separately for $24.99) to continue providing a wider seating area and to keep their legs in a spread, squatting position. As well as being safe and healthy for the child, this provides longer-wearing comfort for parents through balanced weight distribution.

Britax Baby Carrier Seat ExtenderWhen it comes time to see the world, babies with head and neck control can face outward and ride safely and comfortably. With one-handed buckles and snaps for the parent...

Britax Baby Carrier buckles...the child is placed in similarly to putting them in a high chair or baby seat. All adjustments to the harness straps are done from the front of the carrier and the waist belt accommodates 22" to 56" for the perfect fit. Just slide your little one in and in seconds everyone is ready to go!

Britax Baby Carrier reviewOne of the features that Britax included with their Baby Carrier that I especially like is the 100% Cotton machine washable bib. A soft, white slipcover, it fits right on over the front of the carrier and protects it from drool, stains or any other marks that might occur from little teeth and gums.

Even though the entire Baby Carrier is machine washable, being able to just unsnap and pull off this bib is extremely convenient!

Britax Baby Carrier reviewRetailing for $129.99 (or at an extreme discount on Amazon) in Black, Navy and Organic Tan, more information about the Britax Baby Carrier can be found on their website - including full details on all of the great features and highlights that this carrier includes.

From the stellar safety to the CarryLong System (which reduces the risk of back and shoulder strain during extended wear by distributing weight across the shoulders, back and hips), this Baby Carrier is another example of Britax's knowledge of what makes a high quality piece of baby gear. From newborn throughout the toddler years, this Baby Carrier is sure to be an item that is reached for time and time again to make everyone happy!

Britax Baby Carrier reviewKeep up with Britax and their wide variety of quality products on their website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

(Other than the Baby Carrier that I was provided by Britax, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and this high quality product.)


Jenny said...

That does look like a nice carrier. I remember when Abby was in a carrier and she was always drooling all over the front of it. It was nasty looking. I'm glad they came out with removable bibs!