Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System {Review}

Lysol logoPer what seems to be the norm around here, someone in the house has a cold. It's typically more than only one someone, actually. What is it about kids and germs that they're magnetically attracted?

Last spring we were introduced to a product that has become a permanent fixture in our home and our fight against bacteria, the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System, and having this sleek, easy-to-use system in our bathroom has been a great addition.

Both of my girls have been much more receptive to washing their hands ever since they realized that this dispenser could magically sense that they were there... and I appreciate that having one less surface to touch with dirty hands means one less place to transfer those germs.

So, what could be better? Extending how much we love the innovation and convenience of this product into the kitchen with the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System!

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen SystemOn a continual mission to help everyone learn the importance of proper hand-washing to prevent the spread of germs from the everyday things we do, Lysol is constantly introducing great products to help prevent sickness and their line of No-Touch Systems are the perfect example.

Designed to meet your various kitchen cleaning needs, the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System is an automatic, hands-free dispenser that offers one solution for a clean kitchen and healthy hands. Everyone knows that we come in contact with millions of germs every day, but the ones found on our soap pumps in the kitchen are definitely not ones that I want to spread around.

Therefore, I couldn't wait to see how well this No-Touch System would help out with just that.

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System reviewWith a sleek, white and stainless steel-inspired look, I could tell right away that Lysol made it possible for this Soap System to blend in with the decor in our kitchen as well as many others.

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System reviewGetting it ready to use couldn't have been easier, as the included batteries were already installed, leaving me to peel off a sticker and pop the soap right in the top. Lysol smartly even put the power switch on the back of the dispenser so that there isn't any worry about having soap come out while you are trying to turn it on or off. Just place it on your counter and you're ready to go!

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System reviewWhat a great idea! This one solution works for dishes, surfaces and hands and requires nothing more than sticking your hand, a sponge or a dishcloth right underneath the dispenser.

From sparkling clean dishes to wiping up food or grease spills to killing bacteria on hands, I've been really happy with the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System since its arrival and plan on keeping it at the kitchen sink for quite some time to come.

No more dripping, sticky soap dispensers or having to dig around for various different soaps depending on what area (or person) we're cleaning. Whether youLysol No-Touch Kitchen System scents are preparing to scrub a dirty counter or don't want to touch anything after handling raw meat, this not-too-big-not-too-small dispenser is there and ready for you. I love the convenience!

The starter kit for the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System comes complete with batteries and one 8.5oz soap for around $12.99 (a little lesson Amazon). Refills are available in Sparkling Tangerine, Shimmering Berry, and Sunkissed Lemon scents and retail for $7 (also on Amazon).

Find out much more about the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System on Lysol's website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook as well.

(Other than the No-Touch Kitchen System that I was provided by Lysol, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and this convenient product.)


Jenny said...

Cool! I like their regular hand soap dispenser too!

Liz Mays said...

I'm messing around with this one right now too! It's a pretty attractive design, for sure. And I want photos of your house!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I didn't realize they came out with a dish soap version - very cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh neat. I have the Lysol one for the bathroom and love it. I'll have to check for this.

Coupon Queen said...

We can't use the anti bacterial stuff with a septic since it kills off the bacteria we need to keep it running, (we learned that the hard way and were told by our repair guy he loves this stuff because is business is booming) but having an automatic dispenser is nice when you have really messy hands, I like their design.