Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hoover Nano Cyclonic Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner {Review #CBias}

My views on vacuum cleaners seem to have changed over the years and, oddly enough, seem to somewhat mirror the way that I feel about strollers.

Strange connection? I agree.

Here's how: before I had children, I gravitated towards the large, bulky, heavy, flashy, packed-with-every-possible-feature-even-if-its-not-one-I-will-ever-need strollers because, well, they just had to be the best, right?

Well, before I had a house of my own to clean, I felt the same way about vacuums. The ones that must be the best surely had to have all the bells and whistles, bright colors, 18 different attachments, and weighed nearly what I did. Who cares how easy it was to push, we're talking horsepower, Baby!


Now that I have kids, I wouldn't take a second glance at the monstrous stroller systems and now that I have a house, I don't want to have to deal with a vacuum that is so heavy that I'm going to feel like I ran a marathon after having cleaned my first floor.

Instead, when given the chance to head to Walmart to purchase a vacuum for our home, I wanted something bagless, portable, lightweight, and designed for carpets as well as hardwood. After some research online at Walmart.com as well as right on Amazon.com...

Walmart website...I was ready to head to the store with my 5-year-old shopping buddy to pick out a vacuum cleaner that would meet our needs.

Walmart storeAfter meandering our way through the store (check out our entire shop in photos here) and spending some time browsing all of the options available, the Hoover Nano Cyclonic Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum ended up coming home with us.

Hoover Nano Cyclonic vacuumThe first thing I noticed when pulling the Nano Cyclonic out of the box was that it was nearly fully assembled, something that I definitely appreciated. Knowing that I wasn't going to have to spend a great deal of time (or any amount, really) sifting through an instruction manual to get things put together was a welcome realization.

Hoover Nano Cyclonic reviewAfter snapping the cleaning wand (which doubles as the handle) into the base with a click and wrapping the 20' power cord in place, I was ready to put this vacuum to the test and see if I had made a good choice.

Hoover Nano vacuum reviewHitting the power button, I was happy to see that Hoover had truly made this vacuum compact and lightweight, weighing less than 12 pounds. That's it! It glides smoothly and effortlessly and even after cleaning room after room, you aren't left feeling worn out or exhausted from lugging it around.

When it comes time to move from our carpet or rug to the hardwood, the lever to turn off the brushroll is easily accessible right on the base. Considering that I spend a great deal of time moving between multiple floor surfaces, I was glad that I never have to go far to give it a simple press and release!

Hoover vacuumAs well as the floors, switching over to use the cleaning wand in tight spots, on upholstery, on the stairs or reaching up high is done in moments. The quick-release wand pulls right out...

Hoover vacuum...and the stretchy hose adds an extra 5' of length. I love that the crevice tool is permanently attached to the end. Instead of having to keep track of it (and, most likely misplacing it like many of its predecessors), it is always there ready to go.

Hoover vacuumWhen I need a little more and want to attach the brush, it is easily removed from its storage location right on the side of the vacuum and slides right on over the crevice tool.

Hoover vacuumWhile the cyclonic technology included in this Hoover provides strong suction power, I also appreciate that the HEPA and foam filters are able to be rinsed and reused so that I won't have to worry about spending money on replacements. Simply release the body of the vacuum...

Hoover vacuum...and twist off the top to reach the HEPA filter...

Hoover vacuum...or lift up the base to find that the foam filter is easily accessible right underneath.

Hoover vacuumWhen it comes time to clean out the dirt cup, that is also made easy by the convenient bottom-release design. Just bring the body to the garbage can to unclasp the bottom and let the dirt fall out - never worrying about getting your hands into the debris.

Hoover vacuumThe Hoover Nano Cyclonic Compact Bagless Upright is a great vacuum for small or large places, multiple surfaces, and is plenty easy enough to push and use for anyone. With its light weight and easy maneuverability, going from room to room is simple... and the addition of the stretch hose and extension wand make it possible to get every nook and cranny from floor to ceiling clean.

Best of all? While many vacuums with this size retail for well over $100, the Hoover Nano Cyclonic has a price tag of $58.84 at Walmart and Walmart.com (it is also available on Amazon for slightly more). For a vacuum that has comparable features and performance to similar uprights that cost a considerable amount more, why spend the money?

Instead, for all the power you need to get your floors clean, Hoover has invented a way to give peace of mind that you are getting your home truly clean without spending unnecessary time and effort. Find out more and read many other positive reviews on the Walmart and Hoover websites.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Laura Grace Andry said...

This vacuum cleaner looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this. My vacuum recently died and I am in the market for a replacement and I love reading other real people's thoughts and opinions on appliances. More so when there are soooo many out there. Thanks :)

Liz Mays said...

I love that it can do your pretty hardwood floors AND carpet, and I really love that you can clean the filters and stuff without replacing!

Jenny said...

Awesome! I really want a new vacuum. Ours is about 10 years old and is falling apart!

Clueless_Mama said...

I can't believe the great price on that baby! It looks perfect for what I would need for my hardwoods:) Thanks for the review.

Eryn said...

Only problem I've had with this vacuum is that it overheats easily after extended use. I find that I can't run it for more than 10-15 mins before it overheats and shuts off to cool down. Frustrating when you leave vacuuming for last and just want to be DONE cleaning your house. Also, dunno if I just need to clean the filters or what... but our wand doesn't have suction power any longer. Have had the vacuum about 4 months.

Deborah Barber said...

I too am having the same problem with it over heating after 10 minutes of use. I have found out that if you use any carpet type powders even though you emptied the container of your carpet nasty's, the filter inside that you do not see will more then likely be full of dust and that powder so you need to take it outside and bang the heck out of it on a tree. I sure wont buy a new filter every time I use carpet powder so IMO this vac isnt really good when you use carpet powder. I never have that problem with my big vac. This vac is so small that it cant handle a lot at once. I have also found it not to be very strong in its suction for pet hair. I have a small dog with fur and and he is shedding now and it really does not pick up well at all and if I take off the hose to pick stuff up behind things or under things I have to make sure i change the settings to floor or the dust comes through the hole the hose attaches too. I dont like that either. In general, I havent been to pleased this this vac but it was given to me by my daughter because of my bad back it is light weight but i would rather have a vac that does what I want it to do without hassles.