Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Fit for the New Year: Special K Challenge Results

Special K logoTwo weeks ago I mentioned that I was embarking on the Special K Challenge and, unsurprisingly, the past 14 days have really flown by.

Although I felt the need to mentally prep myself for this program, it became clear after the first day that it really wasn't necessary. All of the Special K meal plans were designed by dietitians to help you see real, positive changes in how you look and feel and they clearly lay out all of the steps, meals, support and more that you need to get started.

Just pick which one is right for you, your lifestyle, and your weight goals and you can get started in minutes!

Special K weight lossHaving chosen to take on the Special K Challenge, right away I was happy to see that there was plenty of actual eating involved in this plan. There's just no way to be starving when you're eating five times a day!

Special K weight lossStarting my morning off with a bowl of any one of the varieties of Special K cereal was tasty and easy and I found that I was often not feeling remotely hungry by the time my morning snack rolled around.

Special K cereal
Little Sister B often likes to eat the strawberries out of my cereal, but it's still quite tasty!

I especially loved the convenience of the cereal bars and protein meal bars, as they were perfect to throw into my purse as I was running out the door and eat while on the way to our next destination. But my favorite food out of all of them?

Special K cracker chipsI have been known to eat a large portion of a container of Pringles (and then feel sick afterward. I don't even want to know the calories in that) so I was extremely happy to find that the Special K Cracker Chips in sour cream and onion were an amazingly tasty substitute.

They're crispy, they're flavorful and I can eat 27 of them in a 110-calorie serving! I've been enjoying these so much that I put them on our grocery list and when my husband was at the store last week he found them on sale... so now I have half a dozen more boxes waiting. Yum!

Special K chipsSo, how did the Special K Challenge end up for me?

I do have to admit that there were days that I had a more difficult time following the plan than others (e.g. when we were out of town), but I was still thrilled to step on the scale and find a loss of four pounds this morning.

Four! From drinking delicious shakes (the Dark Chocolate Protein Shake is divine) to eating things like Special K Strawberry Crisps and Special K Chocolately Chip Cookie cereal bars, I never felt hungry or deprived and I still lost weight... that's what I call a success!

I'm debating on whether or not to try the Special K Challenge for another two weeks or to try the "Achieve a Goal Weight" plan and try to make it to my goal in the upcoming months. Even though my determination and motivation seem to waver on some days more than others, I know that if I put my mind to it that I can make it there eventually... and I'm thankful for Special K for getting me started!

Interested in seeing how they can get you on track as well? Check out the Special K meal plans and see what a difference two weeks can make in your life. You can also chime in with Special K on Facebook and Twitter, where they share content and spread positive words of encouragement to impact the conversation around weight loss.

weight loss success
Disclosure: I participated in this program through a partnership with TheMotherhood on behalf of Special K. I received product and supplies to complete the plan. All opinions and statements are based on my own opinion and experience. Consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. Average weight loss when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 4.8 pounds. Weight loss may vary. Average waist circumference reduction when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 1.3 inches. Weight loss may vary.


Mandee said...

I think it is a great plan and I love the Special K cereal and bars. I'm going to have to try the chips now! Yummy! I am currently on the Cinch diet (only one week into it, but loving it!)

Jenny said...

That's great that they have more foods now. Congrats on losing another 4 pounds!!

Liz Mays said...

I love that cereal and I love the one with the chocolate chunks in it. I didn't know they had those cracker crisps though. Very cool that you lost 4 pounds, woman!