Friday, January 27, 2012

Sassi Momma Handbags {Review}

Sassi Momma logoFrom the time I was pregnant with Big Sister E until now, I've gone through a variety of bags.

At first, I went with the diaper bag that seemed to be rated highly in baby books... only to find that it was huge and bulky and not something that I wanted to carry around unless we were taking longer trips. I also had a stylish little diaper bag that was given as a baby shower gift, but it was impractical in its small size as well as its mainly-white fabric that was instantly dirty the first time I used it.

There were others (many others, actually) over the years and yet, here I am now on the tail end of needing a diaper bag and I'm looking back thinking of the wasted money. Not only did it add up by purchasing multiple bags, what am I left with? I'm not going to carry a bag that looks like a diaper bag when I no longer need to, so they're destined for friends, donations or my next garage sale.

Instead, it makes much more sense to select one. One unique, high quality, ultra-fashionable, extremely versatile handbag that can be used pre-baby, throughout childhood, and then beyond that essentially transforms to meet the needs of women through all of the stages of their life.

Introducing: Sassi Momma.

luxury handbagsWith a desire to improve the dreadful appearance of current diaper bags as well as alleviate handbag organizational difficulties for all women, Sassi Momma's elegant, one-of-a-kind line of D'imorga Handbags are everything you need all in one place.

Hearing that I would be able to utilize a handbag as a diaper bag, an ordinary purse, a laptop bag, an overnight bag or more and still have it be this attractive, well, I was just slightly over-eager to see the Jordyn Bag in Tangerine in person.

The Jordyn Bag reviewJordyn, where have you been all my life?

Measuring in at 16.75" x 16.75" x 4.25," this is a substantial handbag that really does managed to include every feature that I could possibly need. The genuine leather is soft and vibrant (it is also available in Sky Blue) and from the moment I removed it from the dust cover, it was clear that this was a very high blue handbagquality bag.

Opening it up, I was amazed at the two large zippered compartments - not only because there was plenty of room to store all of my belongings (and those that I might need for my children), but at the sheer number of pockets. I have never been more organized in my life since Sassi Momma came into it!

As I peered inside, it became evident as to why they had so thoughtfully included illustrations as a hint to what each compartment might be used for...

Sassi Momma reviewI have never been so amazed by the organizational possibilities of a handbag before, I really haven't.

First, the side for mom:

purse organizerThe outer portion of this compartment features a key hook, cell phone pocket, wallet pocket, and a jewelry/accessory pocket and each one is exactly the size it needs to be. Instead of trying to cram my wallet in where it doesn't really fit or slipping my cell phone into a pocket where it slides around, Sassi Momma found just the right measurements.

organizational handbagOn the other side of this compartment, there is a small upper pocket where you could put change or keep the included Sassi Momma Signature Mirror safely tucked in, a sunglasses/eyewear pocket, and a makeup pocket.

Sassi MommaI have never been a fan of dropping my prescription sunglasses into the depths of my purse, not to mention that always leads to me not being able to find them when I want them. Instead, they now have their own pocket... and I can even pull out the perfect little Signature Mirror to check how I look in them!

Just on "my" side alone, there is plenty of space so that I can easily have all of my items within reach and no matter if I'm going to dinner, for an overnight trip or traveling, the multifunctional aspects are really great.

However, that's just one side! The second compartment for baby (or bonus) contains just as many innovative and convenient touches:

diaper bagThe outer portion of this compartment features a pacifier or iPod nano elastic pocket, a diapers or iPad/Kindle pocket, a wipes or coupons/receipts pocket, a covered, separated pocket for jars of baby food or small bottles of water, and two slots for baby utensils or pens and pencils.

luxury diaper bagDid I mention that the Jordyn Bag can keep you organized? Love it! Of course if you don't carry coupons or your iPad, you can use those pockets for just about anything, but the fact that they are there and make it possible to place your items into their own spots makes it so much less likely that you'll be digging and digging when you are trying to find them.

The final side to this bag, the inner portion of the second compartment, features a pocket for a changing pad (the Jordyn Bag comes with a gorgeous genuine leather one), baby clothes or an address book/calendar and two elastic pockets that are designed for toys, bottles, lotion or clothes or shoes for you.

diaper bag organizationThe entire interior of this bag is made of waterproof nylon, so wiping up spills or liquid is a breeze and just being able to reach inside and know precisely where my water bottle or Little Sister B's extra pair of shorts are located is nearly priceless.

The attached arm strap measures approximately 16" and easily rests on my shoulder or in the crook of my elbow without problem...

arm strap...but for longer trips or when I just feel as though I need extra length, the detachable shoulder strap, which measures around 32," allows the Jordyn Bag to hang comfortably over my shoulder or across my body as well.

shoulder strapI have yet to find something that the Jordyn Bag can't do.

When I'm driving, I don't have to take my eyes off of the road to pull out a tissue for Big Sister E. When we're at the park, it takes only a second to go straight to the pocket with Band-Aids for Little Sister B. When I'm heading to the library or a coffee shop for peace and quiet, my laptop slips right in and I use the elastic pockets on the bonus side to hold my mouse and cord.

I've seen handbags in the past that have claimed to be multifunctional, but Sassi Momma has created one that truly can transform to work for all of the different needs that women have and which role in our lives we are in.

Although their bags cost more than what you might find in the store (the Jordyn Bag usually retails for $280 but is on sale now for $170), these aren't just going to serve as a diaper bag or just as a laptop bag, Sassi Momma clutchthe high quality of their items are going to last a lifetime. A handbag from Sassi Momma would make an amazing, frustration-eliminating, jaw-dropping, stylish gift!

More information (and drool-worthy pictures) about Sassi Momma's collection of bags (as well as their D'imorga Handbags, they have beautiful oversize clutch bags) can be found on their website. You can also connect with this innovative company on Facebook and Twitter.

(Other than the Jordyn Bag I was provided by Sassi Momma, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and their amazing products.)