Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Happy's, the Realistic, Interactive Pets Kids Love! {Review}

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Much to my kids' chagrin, their repetitive requests for a pet have continued to go unanswered. As much as I know that they would adore having a dog or cat, it is just not in the cards for us right now.

Yes, the love and responsibility that would come along with taking care of an animal would be beneficial... but the idea of having one more living, breathing being to take care of around here is too much for me.

Fortunately, there are creative and innovative companies like Cepia, LLC that have continued to come up with lifelike imitations that entertain kids but don't require feeding, cleaning or anything other than turning on the power. After all, these toy masterminds debuted ZhuZhu Pets in 2009 and then followed up two years later with the next hot toy craze, Xia-Xia.

So what is the newest pretend pet phenomenon destined to capture the hearts and imaginations of children all over the world? An amazingly adorable and remarkably real line of interactive motorized plush pets, The Happy's.


The 2014 sensation to fill the roll of entertaining and interactive toys, The Happy's are a line of puppies and kittens that love to spin, sit, pounce, play and run. Whether they are cheerfully exploring the house, doing tricks for Happy Treats, racing after their Chase & Play Ball, or more, this collection of furry pets is the next-best-thing to having a four-legged friend around.

From the moment we first saw the catchy Meet The Happy's TV Commercial, my kids have been wanting to provide a loving home for The Happy's, so they couldn't have been more excited when Sport, Chance and a Chase & Play Ball arrived.

The Happy's dogs

How adorable are these furry little friends? They're already smiling and ready to go!

The Happy's review

Right out of the box, it took all of 10 seconds before the kids realized that, with one press of the power button on the dogs' lower backs (located right next to their embroidered initials)...

The Happy's power switch

...they were off zooming around, happily spinning, twirling, zigging and zagging around our hardwood floors.

The Happy's pets

But The Happy's are more than just a motorized dog with wheels, they really play with you! With a simple press of the button on the included treats, the dogs not only come to you (or follow you if you are moving with it), but they perform the individual tricks.

The girls were thrilled to see Chance and Sport wiggle and pounce on command!

The Happy's treats

Similarly, the Chase & Play Ball also grabs these puppies' attention, this time attracting them to it to continue to push, follow and chase it around the room!

The Happy's Play and Chase ball

Considering how much Big Sister E and Little Sister B loved their new puppy pals, it only made sense that, a week later, their Easter baskets each contained a new addition to our The Happy's family — twin Mittens the Kitty along with the Speedy Sports Car and the Zippy Skateboard!

The Happy's cats

Talk about doubling the fun, laughter and entertainment!

The Mittens kittens are not only adorably soft and fluffy, but they each came with their own yellow fish-shaped treat that entices all of the pets to sit up and beg!

The Happy's pet tricks

The addition of the cats and the vehicles definitely added to the noise and chaos of The Happy's — in a good way! The girls adore having the animals take turns riding in the Speedy Sports Car or on the Zippy Skateboard and seeing all four pets run (or ride) around after the Chase & Play ball is just too cute!

The Happy's car skateboard

While I would love to someday provide my children with the fun, devotion and responsibility of having a real pet, for now, The Happy's are proving to be a perfect substitute.

I love seeing my girls use their imagination while engaging with these cheerful, interactive puppies and kittens, but being able to turn them off at night (and not have to feed them, walk them, take them outside in the rain, etc during the day) is music to my ears!

The Happy's pets review

The Happy’s are in stores now (as well as online from Amazon) and much more can be found about them by visiting TheHappys.com. There is even a fun and catchy video to get your entire family up and dancing right along with The Happy's!

If this is the first that you've heard of The Happy's, be prepared, as these plush pets are sure to be the next big thing on wishlists of children everywhere!

Are you familiar with The Happy's? Do they sound like the perfect pet to you?

I received two The Happy's pets and a Chase & Play ball as part of a promotional program with Cepia, LLC and MomSelect and all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


Unknown said...

I am not familiar with The Happy's but they do sound like the perfect pets for young children. Thank you for sharing this post.

slehan said...

They look nice and cuddly too as well as being fun to play with. And no yucky messes on the floor!

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

I had not heard of Happys before, but they are adorable. I can see why you say realistic and interactive. My favorites are the bears and the puppy.

rj7777 said...

I love these! They look so real! I am going to keep these in mind for wonderful presents. The kids sure look happy with them too.

Shannon said...

These look like great toys for kiddos! Better than a real pet with no mess.