Monday, April 28, 2014

Discover Your Financial Animal with TCF Bank and Find Out More at the Financial Literacy Center!

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When I look back at my years of school and college, there are some classes and lectures that I attended that now seem... pointless.

I'm sure that there are those people out there that use Calculus in their everyday life, but was there really a need for me to suffer through it? And I remember memorizing the name of every state and country (and all of the capitals) of the entire world in middle school. Really? Can you say Google?

However, on the other hand, there are some classes and skills that I wouldn't have minded learning in place of those. Why couldn't I have taken a semester of "The Secrets of Parenting" or "Multi-Tasking for the Long Term" instead?

Another area that I feel as though my knowledge is lacking is in all things financial literacy. Sort out my girls' schedules for the summer? Check. Make a healthy and fun snack for a class of 20 at the last minute? No problem. But tell you anything about my family's financial habits and our long-term goals for the future? Ummmm.

Fortunately, that's where TCF Bank comes in. This April, in recognition of National Financial Literacy Month, TCF Bank has made it easy to consider exactly that with their fun quiz that lets users find their "financial animal!"

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In six short questions, you'll be on your way to planning and preparing for the future while learning what type of "financial animal" best represents you. Are you a spender or a saver? A free spirit or a realist?

I was happy to feel fairly confident in my answers to this unique quiz and, when I saw that TCF Bank had deemed me a Coyote, described as a "crafty scavenger always on the hunt for a bargain," I knew that they were pretty much spot-on! After all, my answers centered around using coupons and loving the word "free!"


As well as finding out more about your true personality with this fun and quick quiz, once you've completed it, it's easy to then explore the TCF Bank Financial Learning Resource Center to help assess and expand your knowledge.

TCF Bank financial learning center

How handy is that?

TCF's Financial Learning Center was designed to provide adults with practical, impartial and non-commercial information about money management. Through the use of video, animations, gaming and social networking, complex financial concepts are simplified for people of all ages.

I love knowing that it only takes a few clicks to find out more about important financial topics like paying for college, protecting yourself against identity theft, savings and investments, mortgages, overdraft, payment types and credit cards, credit scores and reports, insurance and protection, and more. We can all take control of our financial IQ!

financial IQ

Money management takes time and effort, but when it comes to meeting my family's future financial goals, there's no doubt that it is worth it. TCF's "financial animal" quiz has definitely made me consider the role of financial literacy in my life and I plan on using resources such as the TCF Bank Financial Literacy Center as a way to find practical and impartial information about money management!

What financial topics do you need to learn more about? Understanding your finances allows you to best plan and prepare for the future, so be sure to arm yourself with all of the knowledge you can to take control of your current and future finances!

Take the TCF Bank quiz and let me know what "financial animal" you are!


slehan said...

I was lucky that my folks always thought that making sure we understood all things financial was very important.

slehan at juno dot com

Unknown said...

Financial literacy is very important in day to day dealings especially in this economy, you really need to be smart. I clicked the link to take the quiz but I could not find it.

slehan said...

I think it's important to teach your children about money and savings.

slehan at juno dot com