Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shapewear that Doesn't Roll, Slide or Need Readjusting: HookedUp Shapewear {Review}

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In stark contrast to the friends of mine that manage to somehow stay motivated to continue their healthy eating and daily exercise, my dedication is not nearly as consistent. Over the years I've tried and, as my weight has gone up and down, so has my confidence and the way that I feel about myself every time I get dressed and my clothes fit a little looser or tighter.

Sigh. Where's my magic lotion that will just melt away my love handles?

Therefore, in an effort to feel more comfortable in my own skin, I have tried a number of different brands and designs of shapewear to keep my muffin top as invisible as possible. And, while they have sometimes provided the results that I'm looking for, spending the day tugging and adjusting and being aggravated when my shapewear starts to roll or slide down isn't my most favorite thing.

Which is why I was amazed and excited to be introduced to HookedUp Shapewear!

Shapewear options

Changing the face of shapewear for the better, HookedUp is a groundbreaking system that actually hooks onto your own bra to completely eliminate the common roll down problem. Instead of spending your time trying to discreetly pull your shapewear back into place, you can head out in comfort and ease instead!

As HookedUp is available in two colors (nude and black), three styles (High Waist Shaping Brief, High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh and High Waist Shaping Slip) and in sizes Small to 3X (I found that these run on the small side and I needed to size up), I knew that this was one product that I wanted to see in person. After all, with a promise to never slip down, this could be the revolution in shapewear that my wardrobe needed!

HookedUp shapewear

As I looked over my High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh, right away I was impressed with the durability, quality and attention to detail that were evident.

The main body is made up of 84% nylon and 16% spandex, resulting in a thick, strong, stretchy-yet-firm-control-providing material, while the bottom of both legs are lined with an edging that keeps them from sliding up or moving around.

HookedUp shapewear leg

On the upper back, this piece not only offers three different locations for each hook to be placed (making it possible to wear bras with straps that are located closer together or further apart), but HookedUp includes a variety of other hooks to use as well.

No worries if you have a favorite bra that has wider or smaller straps, this can adapt to just about any possible configuration!

HookedUp shapewear hooks

When it comes to wearing HookedUp Shapewear, I appreciate that the company includes multiple explanations, photos and videos in order to ease any worries or confusion. Truly, you simply hook the shapewear piece to your bra straps and then step in, putting the entire thing on together!

How to wear HookedUp Shapewear

Although it took me a time or two of assembling and adorning my High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh, once I had the hang of it I was able to step in and hook everything on in a matter of minutes.

And the results?

Instead of unwanted bumps and lumps and having to deal with pinching, pulling, tugging and my mind continuing to wander to thoughts of a visible muffin top, I could relax knowing that instead I had a smooth, seamless silhouette. This really is just that easy!

HookedUp shapewear

Although this garment does include an oversized, overlapping split crotch, I have yet to attempt to use that feature when going to that bathroom and have instead gotten used to unhooking the piece from my bra and pulling it down instead. Although this takes a bit more work, I find that the effort is worth it for the seamless comfort and the way that I feel so much better about my tummy, hips and thighs!

In the end, I'm very happy with HookedUp and the innovative way that they have made it possible to wear shapewear without it turning into a problem of its own. I want to put on shapewear to make myself look and feel better, not to create more hassle and frustration in my day!

The High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh retails for $68 (as does the Shaping Slip; the Shaping Brief retails for $58) and, although this initially seems high, the way that it will boost my ego for years makes it seem worth it! Not to mention the comfort and extreme versatility — this can be used on any bra, including nursing bras, strapless, convertible and more!

Find out more about all three of the HookedUp Shapewear products by visiting and continue the conversation about all things confidence and comfort by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than the High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh that I was provided by HookedUp in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated or enticed to do this post in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion on this product.


slehan said...

I've never considered a shaper although my belly could use one. This one looks good.

slehan at juno dot com

Sarah Matos said...

Ive never used shapewear partly because it looks uncomfortable but these actually look comfty and I like the hooks for better coverage.

Unknown said...

how to order the right size ? anyone know?

Xenia said...

@Daphne Hatcher, did you see their size chart ( At the bottom it mentions that if you still have questions to email the designer directly, which is a nice option.

I fall on the border between two sizes and initially tried the smaller one, which definitely didn't fit. But once I tried the larger, it was great - the material is very strong and holds tightly!

-Xenia @ Thanks, Mail Carrier