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Extend the Education and Fun of VTech's InnoTab Learning Tablets with Learning Cartridges {Review & Giveaway}

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As much as I would like to claim that my kids reach for a book every time they have a moment free, pretty much every parent knows that some sort of tech device is more likely to be preferred. It's not completely their fault, however, as children are introduced to technology nearly from birth — are smartphones as popular as mobiles and bibs on baby registries yet?

Fortunately, there are great child-friendly, age-appropriate options available so that at least I can rest assured that the device will provide fun and learning (and is built to withstand whatever my kids dish out). Namely, the innovative line of InnoTab Learning App Tablets from VTech!

My kids have adored their InnoTabs ever since their arrival and I love knowing that at least I can provide Big Sister E and Little Sister B some education along with their entertainment. Even better, along with the games and activities that come preloaded on these tablets, VTech makes it easy to mix things up and keep kids coming back for more with their ever-growing collection of InnoTab Software Learning Cartridges!

VTech InnoTab Learning Cartridges

With options available in every genre for ages 12 months all the way up to 9 years old, there is an InnoTab Learning Cartridge that is sure to get every child excited about the games, e-Books and more contained on them. Even better, with such entertaining characters and themes, kids don't even realize that they are progressively learning key subjects such as math, reading and science all while having fun!

Considering how many times both of my daughters have returned to their InnoTabs and the various Learning Cartridges that we own, I wasn't surprised when they were thrilled to add two more to their collection: InnoTab I Spy Adventure and Pixar Play.

VTech InnoTab Cartridges

I truly love the way that VTech makes their cartridges compatible with any version of the InnoTab, so no matter if your child has the original InnoTab or the latest model, they are able to partake in all of the games and activities.

Simply pop in the I Spy Adventure software (designed for ages 4-7) and your child is ready to practice early reading skills as they read and solve I Spy riddles and play games to unlock 50 levels of play – each more challenging than the next.

My girls have had a great time finding and matching a variety of photo-realistic objects across four action-packed thinking games that build logic, vocabulary and visual discrimination skills. Activities include Riddle Rush, Pattern Quest, Oops Hoops and Adventure Box and I love seeing how this cartridge mirrors many of the skills that Little Sister B is currently doing in her kindergarten classroom.

InnoTab I Spy cartridge review

When they aren't doing in-depth searching with I Spy, Big Sister E and Little Sister B have also been excited about diving into the world of Pixar with the InnoTab Pixar Play cartridge (also recommended for ages 4-7).

Focusing on four of our favorite Pixar films — Toy Story, Monsters University, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles — this software manages to teach spelling, letters, vocabulary, reading phonics, problem solving and more, all while keeping kids happily entertained. Who wouldn't get excited about getting to play with these iconic characters?

As with all of VTech's great InnoTab cartridges, Pixar Play includes a wide variety of options for children to choose from each and every time they turn it on. Find missing letters to help Buzz defeat Zurg, guide Nemo through the ocean while learning new words, design your own monster and create a Monsters University scene, read the story of The Incredibles, and more!

InnoTab Pixar Play cartridge review

Pixar Play also includes three creative bonuses that my kids have enjoyed and have returned to time and again. First, the Spaceship Crane Game is a digital claw game that children can play when they have earned coins from playing the learning games. On top of being fun, this game is a great motivator to go back and continue to play the educational activities for more coins!

Second, as each play on the Spaceship Crane Game results in a toy won, those collected are then displayed on the Toy Shelves. Here kids can see all of their prizes as well as unlock a "Mini Game" when all of the toys from one shelf have been collected.

Finally, VTech included a cute Photo Fun option on this cartridge where kids can take photos with fun Pixar characters, stickers and frames!

Pixar Play photos

Both of these cartridges have been entertaining Big Sister E and Little Sister B since their arrival and they have been perfect for quiet play during their resting and downtime that follows school. While the girls return to the previous cartridges that we owned, these two new additions have given even greater value to their InnoTabs and have allowed them to grow and challenge their abilities even further.

If you're looking for a way to extend the learning and fun of your child's InnoTab, look no further than VTech's extensive line of educational learning cartridges. Kids can explore exciting content offering age-appropriate games, activities, e-Books and more that allow children to progressively learn key subjects.

Add in the way that topics such as reading, math and vocabulary are seamlessly tied in with creative activities, colorful graphics and camera fun and the result is a toy that can educate as well as inspire a child's imagination!

VTech InnoTab Learning Cartridge

Retailing for $24.99 each, InnoTab I Spy Adventure and Pixar Play can be purchased in stores, from VTech and on Amazon. You can also stay up-to-date with all of the unique and innovative products that VTech has to offer by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

And, thanks to their generosity, one person will soon be able to bring home fun and learning for their child's InnoTab as well, because...

One lucky person will win an InnoTab I Spy Adventure and a Pixar Play Learning Cartridge from VTech (total ARV $50)!

VTech InnoTab giveaway

The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech.