Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buying a New Computer: What's the Best Laptop?

My laptop and I have a love - hate relationship.

I love that it allows me to do this. Every day I can turn it on and email and blog and stay connected to people all over the world. Technology is an amazing thing, isn't it?

As for the hate... well, I hate pretty much everything else about it.

When we purchased this computer, I knew it wasn't going to be the top-of-the-line, but I had assumed that would be okay. I spend most of my time opening up a window and typing in a box, right? It's not like I'm doing web design or playing interactive games or running a photo editor that would slow things down (okay, that's not completely true, I do dabble in photo editing programs now and again, but they're very basic)...

But the point is this: My. Laptop. Sucks.

I've been trying to make do with it and cut it some slack, but the end is near. Very near. I can't take the amount of time that is wasted sitting waiting while it turns on (literally nearly 15 minutes) or that it takes eons to think about loading or, even worse, the continuing freezes and crashes.

It's time to draw the line.

But here's where I need your help. Clearly we didn't do a very good job picking this computer out and in answer to my increasing complaints, my husband's response is for me to turn to the experts of the internet to see which brands get high ratings from other people that are online as much as I am.

So, tell me Internet Geniuses. What laptop do you recommend? Do you have one that consistently performs well? Do tell!


Erin said...

My laptop is an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. I can get more specific if you need me to, but I'll admit it's over a year old. My husband got a deal on it, and it is a great laptop. I think the final w/ taxes and shipping price was $600 AND it plays my MMORPGs... which in short, means it's overkill for blogging, but should work out well for you for a few years. There is also a docking station option to make it a desktop PC.

Romina said...

I switched over to Mac after years of owning PC laptops. My family and I have owned IBM, HP, and Sony to name a few. Each of these laptops have lasted 2-3 years before we bought a replacement. I have used my Macbook for 4 years and still going strong. I also love the Genius Bar, the most helpful tech support ever. Since my switch, my 2 sisters have also replaced their PC laptops with a Macbook. I know that Macs are pricey, but so worth it

Good luck!

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy said...

I say start reading a TON of reviews. People will tell you what they think!

I have a Dell laptop and HATE it! HATE Dell in general. Just sayin'!

Unknown said...

I've heard Macs are a must have for those who love to do graphic design.
For my needs,I have a Dell and have had an Acer. Both provided plenty of power for my personal and work needs.