Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Characteristics of a Hero: We Love Daddy!

I find it hard to believe that Mother's Day came and went this year already - shouldn't it be celebrated at least a dozen more times in 2011 still?

Alas, it's time to shift the focus to the upcoming Father's Day and instead let my husband have a little time in the limelight. He truly is a wonderful dad all year long, so there's no better day to tell him just how much the girls and I appreciate everything that he does for us.

This year Tiny Prints, my favorite site for cards and invitations of all kinds, wanted to know "What makes Daddy a hero?" so I figured that the best way to find out that answer would be to go straight to the source.

After the random rambling from our 4-year-old and the somewhat indecipherable nonsense that our 2-year-old had to say about "What makes Mommy awesome?" I was looking forward to another good laugh...

As usual, these two have a way of making me laugh!

As with repeating the question on Mother's Day, I like the idea of asking this or a similar question every year and seeing how the answers change. As my kids get older and their understanding of the word hero changes, they might have an answer that would make a little more sense as to what Daddy does that makes him a true hero for us.

Until then, however, I guess I need to figure out where he's been hiding that spaceship!

This June, Tiny Prints has the wide range of Father's Day cards that are sure to make all of the fathers or father figures in your life smile. Whether you're telling him he's doing a great job or thanking him for being there for you, there is a high quality, stylish option that you're both sure to enjoy.

What are your plans for Father's Day? Do your kids think their father is a hero?

(I was provided with a Tiny Prints gift certificate in exchange for this post, however, it in no way affected my opinion of this website and their wonderful products.)


Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

So cute! Emma liked watching little sister B. Maybe soon I'll find out her name :0)