Friday, May 6, 2011

K'NEX Roary the Racing Car Building Sets {Review}

K'NEXAlthough I do enjoy structured games and activities for my kids, I also really love the toys that I can set in front of my daughters that are open-ended and entertaining. The ones that inspire creativity, boost a child's imagination and lead to an all-around fun time whenever they are brought out.

What good is a toy that can't keep the excitement and interest longer than a few minutes?

And the company that is known for providing endless imaginative options that are universally-loved by both boys and girls of all ages is the always-inventive and original K'NEX.

After having tried and loved the K'NEX Building Sets and the K'NEX Big Building Tub, when I heard that they came out with colorful, chunky KID K'NEX sets for fans of Roary the Racing Car and his pals from Silver Hatch Racetrack, I had no doubt that they would provide even more endless fun!

K'NEX Roary the Racing CarAlthough my kids aren't as familiar with Roary as they are with some other characters, they were both thrilled when the Silver Hatch Garage Building Set arrived. What better way to get to know Roary, his friends, and his adventures living at the Silver Hatch racetrack?

Big Sister E and Little Sister B were excited immediately by the colorful box and bright pictures of Roary at the Silver Hatch Garage. As we took a peek inside, we found 40 chunky pieces, including standard building blocks and all of the parts that we would need to put together Roary himself.

As with all K'NEX, the pieces are easy to hold and kids have no problem fitting them together into all sorts of shapes and creations. With this set, I thought it was great that there was an included poster showing exactly how to use the parts to make Roary the Racing Car as well as his Silver Hatch Garage.

Of course we had to try it!

In a matter of moments we had the complete set put together and stood back to admire the stacked gas pumps, removable hood on Roary's car, floor mat, and other accessories for realistic and fun play.

As an innovative and eco-friendly addition, K'NEX made the packaging for this set interactive. The back of the box featured the picture of an open garage door...

...and all we had to do was cut along the dotted line and we had an extra accessory for the Silver Hatch Garage that made driving in and out even more fun!

Big Sister E and Little Sister B have both really enjoyed this set and all of the creative stories and adventures that they have put Roary through. Using the mini wrench and lifting off the hood, they pretending to be mechanics and fix all of the imaginary repairs that need to be done.

Even better, one of the most innovative features that K'NEX included with the Silver Hatch Garage Building Set is the small green adapter that pops right on to the bottom of Roary. In less than a few seconds, he goes from being a traditional toy car to one that can run on the wooden train track systems that we have!

All in all, this is a fun toy and, being from K'NEX, I had expected nothing less. Whether you have an avid Roary the Racing Car fan or not, the Silver Hatch Garage Building Set is a great way to let kids use their imagination and have a good time.

Being able to construct what is modeled or create your own ideas is great and with the ability to use these pieces with the rest of your K'NEX collection just means the entertainment can only grow. Retailing for $24.99, Roary Building Sets are designed for ages 3+ and can be purchased directly from K'NEX, at Toys 'R Us stores, and at Be sure to connect with them on Facebook as well so that you never miss the latest and greatest from this innovative company!

(Other than the Roary the Racing Car Silver Hatch Garage Building Set that I received from K'NEX to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their fun products.)


Self Sagacity said...

Those look like so much fun!

Alison said...

OMG I didn't realize Roary had toys out. Must... not get though cause K'Nex will be destroyed by 19 month.