Friday, May 13, 2011

Dreaming of Green Grass with Scotts Turf Builder {Review}

Growing up we had what I refer to as a "hippie yard." My mom grew all sorts of wildflowers and plants and trees that were lovely, of course, but they were (and still are) overgrown to the point of being absolutely everywhere.

It did make for some great games of hide-and-seek or leisurely afternoons spent outside playing in our own personal jungle, but it wasn't the most traditionally attractive yard around.

Two doors down from us lived Tony. Ah, Tony. He had a lawn that resembled that of a lush green carpet or those found on golf courses. Every time we passed that yard, I would admire that lawn and think to myself that one day I was going to have one just like it. My brother and I even coined and use the term "Tony Lawn" when referring to great landscaping over the years.

So now that I have my own house, I find that I should be even more impressed with Tony and how he managed to keep his grass always looking so perfect. As much as I want mine to be a rich, green, extra-thick, soft carpet, it seems to never fail that it looks like this:

As well as random spots, there are some places where grass doesn't grow at all thanks to the yellow lab that we had for years and how badly he wore it away.

So, what can I do this summer to try to turn our unimpressive grass into "Tony Lawn?" The answer is easy with Scotts Turf Builder.

What can Scotts Turf Builder do for me? Considering that we never do much of anything and that regular feedings provide the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of weeds, heat, drought and family activity, it's no wonder that our grass hasn't looked so great.

Although most people lay down grass seed, water it, and cover it with hay, it needs fertilizer through multiple seasons to be its best and keep it strong in the face of future problems. In fact, the Scotts recommended feeding routine spans across much of the year:
Early Spring – Help grass recover from winter
An early spring feeding helps grass green-up after the winter

Late Spring Grow a Lawn Ready for Summer
A feeding now prepares grass for summer stress by thickening the blades on top and building deep roots below.

Early Fall – Replenish nutrients
An early fall feeding replenishes the nutrients lost in the harsh summer months for quicker recovery. Well-fed grass grows thick and strong to avoid weeds from taking hold.

Late Fall – Get a Thicker, Greener Lawn Next Spring
Late fall is the best time to feed to build strong, deep roots to get your grass through the winter months.
Considering our past fertilizer experience is... well, not much, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Scotts Turf Builder can help fill in our problem areas as well as keep the entire lawn looking lush and green no matter how much our family is on it this summer.

By taking the guesswork out of what to do next, nourishing and strengthening our grass, and being completely kid- and pet- friendly (I especially love that last one), I'm hoping that by the time the snow is falling again this year, we will have enjoyed relaxing, playing, and entertaining on our Tony Lawn all summer long.

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(Other than the Scotts Turf Builder that I received to facilitate my review in conjunction with my membership to the One2One Network, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and this product.)


Sippy Cup Mom said...

So I mentioned this to my husband that we should get this. He said No way, he doesn't want our lawn to grow faster because that means he will have to mow more!