Friday, May 6, 2011

Gift Card: Buying, Selling, Exchanging, Saving!

If I went and dug through my wallet right now, I'm sure I'd find a handful of gift cards that have been in there for quite a few months. Pulling open our junk drawer in the kitchen would probably yield at least another dozen or so... and who knows how much money would be on them that we're continuing to waste?

It's not that we don't love receiving gift cards, because we do, it just seems like there are times that they end up not getting used as often as they should. Or, once in a while, they'll be for a store that we don't have in our area or one that we just don't go to enough to make the trip worth it.

Aside from being sure to just carry the cards everywhere we go in hopes that we'll remember that we have them, what other option is there? How can we sell or exchange them for something more useful? is the answer. As the largest and fasted growing gift card exchange site around, it's exactly where to head to buy gift cards, sell gift cards or just trade them in for one that works better for you.

Their trusted marketplace ensures that every transaction is easy, fast, and secure and they even validate every transaction that occurs. No worrying that your money or purchase won't come through, Cardpool works to gain the trust of every customer they encounter... and they've had hundreds of thousands of them!

In fact, CNN, NBC, The New York Times and others have called "the gift card marketplace everyone should be using," so you know that every aspect of purchasing discount gift cards or selling or trading in your own is going to be guaranteed.

So, how does it work? The steps are fast and easy!

To sell your gift cards, start by simply contacting Cardpool to let them know which gift cards you'd like to sell. Some can be sold electronically, with no mailing required, while others will be mailed in using the FREE shipping label courtesy of Cardpool. Within 24 hours of receiving your cards, they will have processed them and have a check on its way to you!

To buy discount gift cards, just head over and take a look at the long list of options available! There are no expiration dates and no fees and you have the opportunity to save up to 35% on your purchase. Right now you can buy a gift card for Anthropologie for 15% off, Banana Republic or Gap for 8% off, iTunes for 10% off, AMC Theatres for 20% off, and many, many more.

From apparel to hardware to restaurants to movies, if you're going to be making a purchase at one of these locations anyway, why not save money? is the easiest way on the web to buy, sell, trade or even donate gift cards... head over and take a look!

Do you like giving and receiving gift cards? Do you remember to use them when you get them?

(I have been compensated by in exchange for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.)


Self Sagacity said...

Great info, just what I needed. I have some that I can't spend for the life of me.