Friday, June 1, 2012

Chuggington Party Supplies from Hallmark {Review}

Every year that I put in hours of time planning, cooking, cleaning, and throwing my daughters' birthday parties, I always tell myself that next year I'll make changes so that I'm not so exhausted.

And then the following year arrives and I'm just as overwhelmed and tired. But does it matter? Nope. It's all worth it when I see the happiness radiating from my girls and their friends.

Even though I don't consider myself anywhere near an expert party planner, I still know that the first big hurdle is deciding on a theme. Once we've decided on that, items such as the decorations, cake and party favors all start to fall into place.

So, after having had past parties with themes such as Monkey, Rock Star, Sesame Street and Superhero, what's next? Thanks to the new Chuggington-themed party supplies from Hallmark, we just might be having train-loads of fun come birthday time this year!

Chuggington party

If you have a young Chuggington fan in your life, Hallmark's new line of invitations, plates, napkins and more is just the thing to get your upcoming birthday party on track for fun. From start to finish, these products have the ability to infuse just the right amount of Chuggington excitement and style to make your little one's day even more special.

What better way to share the party news with guests while also getting them in the spirit to ride the rails than with Chuggington Party Invitations? This pack of 8 features Chuggington stars Wilson, Brewster and Koko with the bold "Time for a Traintastic party!" headline that is sure to get any attendee revving their engines for the day to arrive.

I appreciate that the interior of these cards are simple yet concise (including For, Date, Time, Place and RSVP spaces) and that the exterior is bright, colorful and cheery. What a great way to set the mood for a party! Retail price: $4.19 ($3.99 from Party City and $2.99 on Amazon).

When the big day arrives and it is time for the party to commence, Hallmark's paper products are just the thing to put a smile on the faces of all of the children (and adults) in attendance.

The Chuggington Beverage Napkins measure in at 5 x 5" and are a small way to add a little traintastic addition to the table with Wilson and Koko's smiling faces. Retail price: $3.69 for a pack of 16 ($1.84 from Party City and $4.09 from Amazon).

For a larger way to keep your party guests clean and the theme chuggin' along, the 6.5 x 6.5" Chuggington Lunch Napkins are just the thing. This pack of 16 features Wilson and Koko on the tracks with the message "Let's Ride the Rails!" right on the front.

This is a great size napkin to have on hand when it comes to children and eating, as you just never know when you'll need a larger way to keep party clothes clean or quickly wipe up a spill. Retail price: $4.19 ($2.09 at Party City and $2.29 from Amazon).

While napkins are an essential addition to your party table, it's just not possible to have food without plates! I love the large, 10" diameter of the Chuggington Dinner Plates and the way that they are eye-catching with the bold image of Brewster, Wilson and Koko right across the middle.

Add in the Chuggington logo and the blazing "Traintastic Crew" message and party guests will surely be even more excited to enjoy their lunch or snacks. Retail price: $3.99 for a pack of 8 plates ($1.99 at Party City and $2.59 from Amazon).

While the larger plates are great for the meal, a party isn't complete without cake and that's when the Chuggington Dessert Plates are there to really bring the fun home to the station. These 7" plates also feature Brewster, Wilson and Koko riding the tracks and the headline "Let's Ride the Rails!" to grab attention.

What a fun way to enjoy the yummy goodness of dessert with kids' favorite trainee pals! Retail price: $3.69 for a pack of 8 plates ($1.84 at Party City and $2.59 on Amazon).

When it comes time for your Chuggington party to wind down, I always like to send kids home with a goody bag or small gift to thank them for coming and celebrating the special day. As there are so many great Chuggington items and toys available, I love the idea of putting together a small gift bag including a sheet of festive Chuggington Stickers.

Featuring the always-loved Brewster, Wilson and Koko, these stickers show off the trainees individually, in pairs and as a group of three while riding the rails. With fun messages such as "Traintastic Crew" and "Let's Ride the Rails!" these are such a cute way to extend the enjoyment of the party further for guests. Retail price: $1.89 for 4 sheets of 6 stickers per sheet (94¢ at Party City and $2.99 on Amazon).

Finally, I am a firm believer in the importance of thank you cards and encouraging my children to be thankful for guests having come to their party and for the gifts that they received. So what better way to close a Chuggington-themed party than with Chuggington Thank You Notes?

These cheerful notes feature Wilson under the headline "Chugga-choo..." and a large "Thank you!" declaration. With a blank interior, there is plenty of room for kids to write or draw a picture of gratitude to end their Chuggington adventures. Retail price: $4.19 for a pack of 8 cards and envelopes ($3.99 at Party City and $4.59 from Amazon).

If you have a young Chuggington fan in your life, Hallmark has made it easy to throw a traintacular party to remember. Add in a tablecloth and streamers in primary colors and kids will surely be honking their horns at being able to include their favorite Chuggers in their special day. Find these and other great party supplies now on, and other online retailers.

(Other than the Chuggington party supplies that I received from Chuggington, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these products.)


Anonymous said...

I remember when Gav was 4 and all he talked about was trains. He was stuck on a train party, then changed to a firetruck party. I love this line of Chuggington party supplies!

Amy V said...

what a cute line of party supplies i think my little guy would love it!

Tanya M said...

These look great!
Thanks for sharing.

slehan said...

My grandson would love this party. Choo, choo.

JC said...

I've been looking around for different party supply sites but I haven't heard of this one, awesome!! I'll check it out. thanks for the review!
Chavonne H

Jessica Allen said...

Cute party supplies! My Princess has become a fan of trains (she takes after her brother!) Lol