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Encourage Confidence and Swimming Skills with Swim Steps from SwimWays {Review}

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With the arrival of the official start of summer, we're already knee-deep in the fun of outdoor play, T-ball and soccer, summer camp and more. But while my girls love just about every aspect of the season, they always have a special excitement reserved especially for swimming.

After having been enrolled in swim lessons for the past few months, they are much more comfortable and confident in the water — something that makes all of us extremely happy. I love seeing them kick and splash and laugh in the pool, all the while knowing that they are learning life-saving skills for now and far into the future.

Now that school is out, however, we have taken time off from the lessons and instead are spending our own time at the pool. The issue that we have now is that there is only one of me and two of them... meaning I'm going to need help keeping them safe as they venture in, while also hopefully encouraging them to use what they've learned in their previous lessons.

Which is just another reason why we love the innovative and high quality swim products from SwimWays.

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With a passion for creating toys, floats, games, and gear that help you make the most of your time in the pool, SwimWays has a great line of products that have been developed to help children be safe in and around the water. Having helped kids learn to swim for over 40 years with their Swim Steps products, it is no wonder that SwimWays believes that learning to swim is an important life skill.

No matter what the age and skill level of the child, the Swim Steps line by SwimWays is the perfect way to introduce children to the water and to help build their confidence in the pool. Designed for children ages six months and up, each step's products allow children to comfortably get acquainted with the water, learn to swim, and, most importantly, give them the chance to enjoy a lifetime of water fun.

Step 1: It’s my first time in the pool.
Step 2: I’m ready to paddle and splash.
Step 3: Teach me to swim so we can play together.
Step 4: I can do it—watch me go!

With all of the information on SwimWays' website on not only how the Swim Steps program is specially designed and proven to help kids gradually gain skills in the water, but on the products and levels as well, I found it easy to pick the level that would fit each of my children best.

SwimWays review

When a variety of great gear arrived from SwimWays, all we needed was a time to hit the pool to try them out! Both girls couldn't have been more excited over the bright colors and attractive designs that each of the items provided and were anxious to put them to use while swimming.

First up, we checked out the Disney and Marvel Swim Goggles and their cute Ariel designs.

SwimWays princess goggles

As the avid lover of princesses in our house, Little Sister B's eyes lit up when she saw Ariel right on these goggles! At the same time, I appreciated that the head strap could be adjusted so easily right at the back. Instead of the usual sliding straps on each side of our previous goggles, these made it so easy to just pull the straps to shorten them or push the single button to loosen them quickly.

goggles adjustment

Of course, the true test was how well they would work in the water... and, from the big smile that Little Sister B displayed the entire time she wore them, I would count that as a positive endorsement!

kids swim goggles

Along with our cute goggles, Little Sister B and Big Sister E couldn't wait to try out the swim assist products from Levels 3 and 4.

Little Sister B was an immediate fan of the Power Swimr and I could see that she felt much more comfortable in the water having the extra floatation there for support.

SwimWays Power Swimr

Available in three sizes for children from 20 pounds up to 80 pounds, the Power Swimr is just what early swimmers need for that extra boost to get them ready to swim without being too cumbersome or providing more help than they need. I love that the adjustable cords help for putting it on and off and ensure that each child can get a snug fit.

At the same time, the hidden pockets on the inside of each side keep nine removable floatation pads securely in place — and accessible so that they can be removed one by one as the child progresses.

SwimWays Power Swimr review

While I was still sure to be close enough to Little Sister B in case she needed me, the Power Swimr allowed her to jump in off the edge, swim around on her stomach, float on her back and more without feeling that she needed to hold onto the side of the pool the entire time. It also provided me with a huge sense of relief that it was providing her some extra help in the water!

child's swim vest

At the same time, the Sea Squirts Swim Assist proved to be just as handy... with a dolphin twist!

SwimWays Sea Squirts Swim Assist

This slightly stretchy, very comfortable vest includes removable floatation panels and a flexible fin that helps children stay in the correct swimming position. While it didn't hold the girls quite as high in the water as the Power Swimr, the Swim Assist provided just the right amount of control and stability to give them a boost up. They both really enjoyed splashing around and pretending to be a dolphin!

child's life vest

When she wasn't swimming around in the Sea Squirts Swim Assist, Big Sister E was happy to use the Disney Kickboard from SwimWays to practice her form and kicking ability.

Disney kickboard

Available in three cute character designs, this sturdy, full-size kickboard is made from buoyant foam that is easy to hold with small hands. I think of a kickboard as one of the classic swimming tools that we have all used and loved and this is a great way to combine practicality with the added fun of Disney!

swim kickboard

Instead of simply providing floatation in the water, all of these products from SwimWays have been just the right level of support for my girls to paddle around and enhance their skills. They love knowing that they have the added help of the Power Swimr, Sea Squirts Swim Assist or Disney Kickboard but that they can still swim around like "big kids."

Available directly on their website or on Amazon, SwimWays has affordably-priced toys, games, swim gear and more that you're sure to enjoy with your children for quite some time to come... and made even more affordable with a $2 off the purchase of any two Swimways products coupon!

I'm looking forward to watching my girls improve their swimming skills more and more as we use these products — they've already been tremendous assets to our time in the water. No wonder SwimWays is known as such an expert when it comes to swim safety and learning how to swim!

To find out more about all that SwimWays has to offer, find them at and on Twitter and Facebook. You can also find great resources, tip sheets and facts on their new website,, which are perfect to aid in the development of children's swimming.

As a member of the SwimWays Swim Steps Ambassador Program, I am receiving product and information from SwimWays. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


Cassie said...

We have those goggles and the girls love them. I like them because they are so easy to put on the girls!

LeeAnn said...

I honestly love the SwimWays products! I have Level 2 for both kids, but after reading this post, I definitely think Rylie is ready to move up to Level 3.

Your girls are doing great in the water and it looks like they are having a ton of fun!

LeeAnn said...
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Amy V said...

this looks like something my son could use in a couple years! i think water confidence is so super important.