Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kiddie Academy Franchising: Streamwood, Illinois

I don't know about you, but after spending the past weeks learning about Kiddie Academy and their educationally focused daycare, I've been impressed. The work that they put in to providing only the highest quality care for the children that attend has made me want to applaud the business as a whole. There isn't a mom out there that doesn't want the very best care for her children!

At the same time, I have found that the franchising opportunities with Kiddie Academy have been intriguing. Whether individually or as a couple, people are able to not only want to know their son or daughter's childcare location and staff inside and out, but make it their business as well!

After highlighting the successful franchises in Bradenton, FloridaLeague City, Texas, North Wales, Pennsylvania, Elkton, Maryland, and San Jose and Mountain View, California, I knew there were still more people that had turned Kiddie Academy into a part of their lives. The final featured franchisees are...

Kiddie Academy Franchising

Saj and Sunny opened their Kiddie Academy franchise, located at 1040 S. Sutton St., Streamwood, Illinois, on April 14, 2008, at ages 28 and 36.

Their tremendous success has incited them to become multi-unit franchisees with five to ten locations planned for the Chicagoland area. Their passion for high-quality child care and the Kiddie Academy brand has helped make their academy the best child care provider in the area.

Background: With the birth of their first daughter in 2005, Saj and Sunny began looking for child care options in their area. After being disappointed with the lack of centers in their area and not having a good feeling for the ones that were, they explored the possibility of opening a child care franchise.

Sunny, having a Master's degree in education, and Saj, having a Master's degree in hospitality, were looking for a child care company that could offer both a strong educational philosophy and an excellent consumer experience. The couple looked at several child care franchises over the course of six months before being "wowed" by Kiddie Academy at their Discovery Day. They have worked to bring that same "wow" factor to their academy's families every day.

Goals: For Saj and Sunny, creating a great experience for every family that walks through their doors is their number one goal. The couple strives to deliver the highest quality child care possible. They have concentrated on hiring staff that believe in the Kiddie Academy philosophy and maintain an active, enthusiastic presence in their academy. They plan on extending these practices to their future Kiddie Academy locations.

Challenges: As new child care business owners, the Rizvis were met with the element of the unknown. As they learned the ropes with hands-on experience and support from the corporate office, they had to establish themselves in their market area as a leading child care provider. Their commitment and hard work to overcoming their challenges has translated into increased enrollment numbers.

Results: The Rizvis are thrilled with the results they have seen thus far. They are receiving terrific feedback from families, including comments that their Kiddie Academy experience has exceeded expectations. Saj and Sunny have established an exceptional reputation in their area for not only their services but their commitment to the community. Their consistent success, enthusiasm and dedication have made them stars in the Kiddie Academy system.

Thanks for sticking with me these past few months and learning about these hardworking franchisees and how Kiddie Academy has changes their lives! To find out more and see if this opportunity might be right for you, visit the Kiddie Academy Franchise website.

I am partnering with Kiddie Academy Franchising to write a series of posts, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.