Monday, July 23, 2012

Improving Your Home with Fine Art from Gallery Direct {Review}

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While there are a lot of talents that I wish that I had (cooking, singing, painting, etc), I often look around my house and yearn to have an internal interior decorator skill. How is it that there are people that can look at an empty room and some white walls and just know how to combine just the right elements to make it stylish and modern?

One of the rooms that has always irked me the most is our guest bedroom. Although the rest of our house doesn't particularly look like it jumped out from pages of a magazine, the guest bedroom has always ended up the resting place for the random pieces of furniture that didn't make the cut elsewhere.

Passed down bed frame from my mother? Into the guest bedroom. Old dresser from my husband's... I don't know. Grandmother? Great Aunt? Wherever it came from, stick it into the guest bedroom.

Fortunately, it didn't take too much convincing for my husband to agree that it was time to bring the space into this century and we've been slowly turning the room into one that will work for our family and friends to stay in (as well as us to utilize as a work space) for years to come. Along with a new bed, desk, lamp and more, the item that I believe has truly changed the room into one that I love is our beautiful artwork from Gallery Direct.

gallery wrapped canvas

Love it!

If you've never visited, be prepared to lose yourself in the amazingly large amount of artwork that they have to offer. As the largest limited edition fine art publisher, printmaker and artisan framer in the world, Gallery Direct cuts out the middleman and does the work finding the artists, marketing and recreating the art themselves.

Therefore, no matter if you pick from their huge selection of every different style imaginable or if you upload your own photograph and turn it into art, you're sure to be enamored with the results. I don't think that anyone could browse the varying number of sizes, colors, subjects, mediums and more and not be inspired to bring one (or many) into their home.

As for the piece that my husband and I picked — titled Compacted by an abstract artist named Jasper — we both immediately agreed on it as soon as we found it on Gallery Direct's website. The combination of the colors, shapes, and way that the tiles take on a life of their own grabbed our attention immediately and, even though the artwork is originally intended to hang vertically...

modern canvas art

...we love the look of it horizontally over the bed even better. Talk about versatile artwork!

This piece arrived securely boxed and very well packaged so that there was no possibility of damage to the Gallery Wrap canvas (other choices of medium include aluminum, mirror, wood and more, many with frame options). It is clear that each aspect of this artwork, from the clean corners to the sturdy hanger on the back to the rich colors, are very well made and I love that each time I look at it I feel as though I'm seeing something new.

modern art

Whether your style is abstract, classic or vintage, Gallery Direct will have the high quality artwork that will make a difference in the look of your home. Landscapes, floral designs, still life... or upload your own! Be sure to visit them at and connect on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of their customer service and great giveaways!

Even better, be sure to head over to Gallery Direct now to take advantage of their amazing 50% off sale! Running now until 11:59pm PST on July 26th, simply enter the coupon code Art50 at checkout for this incredible half off deal of the ENTIRE SITE! If you've been looking for a beautiful work of art for your home, don't miss this sale!

I received this artwork to assist in my role a blogger ambassador for Gallery Direct, however, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


Liz Mays said...

Love it, especially that it could be hung in both directions. That gives you options if you feel like switching things around after a while. Very cool choice!