Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Even the Small Features make Working Out Fun with the Smooth CE 8.0LC Elliptical Trainer from Smooth Fitness {#SmoothBlogger}

Smooth Fitness logo

Ta da! It has been one month since the Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical Trainer from Smooth Fitness entered my life and I'm proud to report that I'm still alive.

While I've experienced plenty of exhaustion, sore muscles (although not nearly as sore as I had expected), and harassment from my husband to get up there and stop complaining (which, in actuality, is the type of trainer that I need), I have made it through the month and am still enamored with this elliptical.

And while it includes a laundry list of amazing technical features and specifications (some of which I understand and some of which I don't), the two that I have been most appreciative lately are the water bottle holder and the integrated reading rack.

Smooth Fitness Elliptical features

Don't get me wrong, things like the preset exercise programs and the heavy duty, commercial grade quality of the machine are incredible, but it is also the smaller details that Smooth Fitness includes in their treadmills and ellipticals that make me love the company even more.

In my case, I can make it five or 10 minutes on the CE 8.0LC before my thirst starts to overtake me. While I could easily prop a water bottle on a chair nearby, having the convenience of the included water bottle holder right at my fingertips is great. Even better is that this isn't a small holder that will only fit standard bottles - my oversize 25 ounce bottle fits in with ease!

elliptical machine water bottle holder

When I'm not focusing on quenching my thirst, I try to distract myself from my workout by watching television (I'm not the only one who loves catching reruns of Friends on Nick at Nite, right?). However, there are also times that I want to keep up with the rest of my life, and that's where the integrated reading rack comes in handy.

This rack is perfect for holding reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers...

elliptical machine book holder

...but also is a secure place for my phone, iPod or iPad to stand. Whether I want to catch up on my favorite blogs, see what's new on Twitter, or simply utilize my must-have apps, being able to have technology nearby is something that today's digital world necessitates.

elliptical machine iPad holder

While these are two features that you'll probably find standard on many pieces of exercise equipment in your gym, that's just exactly what makes having the Smooth CE 8.0LC right at home even better! No thoughts on not wanting to leave the house, your exercise clothes, who else might be there, or how hard you are huffing and puffing, you have the whole gym to yourself thanks to Smooth Fitness!

Find out more about Smooth Fitness and the incredible Smooth CE 8.0LC Elliptical Trainer on their website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

As a #SmoothBlogger, I have been provided with a Smooth CE 8.0LC Commercial Elliptical from Smooth Fitness. However, all thoughts and opinions shared are honest and my own.


LeeAnn said...

I LOATHE exercising, but have found that I don't mind an elliptical trainer all that much if I have to do it.

What, you thought I was naturally thin? hahaha I wish!

This looks like a really nice machine! I sure wish I had one in my house.

Jessica said...

This looks so cool! I've been thinking about getting a treadmill or some other kind of exercise machine, and I may look into this one. I love that it has an integrated reading rack - I really want to be able to read my Kindle while I'm exercising.