Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UM! Brands Reusable Adhesive Household Items {Review}

If I had to pick the one thing that bothers me the most around our house, it would have to be the disorganization. Why does it seem like no matter how many piles of paper are recycled and how much excess junk is thrown away, the clutter doesn't ever end? Does it multiply on its own? Sometimes I really wonder about that.

Therefore, I'm always on the lookout for products that can not only help simplify our lives but ones that can help with any form of organization quickly and easily. On top of that, they need to be reusable, work instantly and fit with our existing decor. Too much to ask? Not when it comes to the innovative and versatile products from UM! Brands.

UM! Brands products

On a mission to make our lives easier, UM! Brands products combine the strength of glue, the reusability of suction cups, and the simplicity of tape into one simple "Stick-Peel-Repeat" tool-less wall mounting solution. By using their revolutionary material called EverSTIK, the resulting nano-suction technology adheres securely to any non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark. Stick it, remove it, reapply it, remove it again, reposition it... you can't go wrong!

Right away I was intrigued by UM! Brands' three collections: Stick UM! (an all purpose adhesive pad), Hook UM! (an adhesive wall hook), and Note UM! (a reusable whiteboard). When a sample of all three arrived, I was ready to put them to the test to see just how well they would fit in our home.

UM! Brands review

Immediately I found that using all three of the UM! Brands items truly was as easy as they claimed. Simply peel, place and stick! Whether you live in an apartment and have to deal with the hassle of not making permanent holes or you are looking for a way to quickly organize your home, the combination of these three items can pretty much do it all.

I did find that the UM! products didn't stick to any of our walls (due to the texture on them), but that they had no problem on any flat surface. I moved them from the cupboard to the refrigerator to the window and many more and they held tight and strong.

The Stick UM! can hold an object up to one pound, so it is perfect for your phone, recipe cards, pens, keys, makeup brushes, remote controls, DVDs, photographs and more. At the same time, the Note UM! is the perfect way to leave short messages on its whiteboard surface and the Hook UM! can hold up to 10 pounds of weight on its stylish hook. Use it for purses, bathrobes, jackets... just about anything!

UM Brands review

As well as the 5-second application process, UM! Brands items remove just as quickly and easily (and leave no marks or residue). Just peel them right off and reposition... or, if they have gotten dirty, wash them off, let them dry, and stick them right back up to be used again and again!

UM Brands removal

If you are looking for an innovative, versatile, high quality, commitment-free household product that can help with organization of all kinds, there is a product available from UM! Brands that will work for you or would make a great gift. These would be a unique option for your next birthday, shower, graduation or teacher gift!

As well as how extremely handy these reusable products are, they are affordable as well. A Stick UM! adhesive retails for $6.99 - $7.99, a Note UM! for $5.99 - $19.99, and a Hook UM! (which come in a huge variety of styles and designs) for $6.99 - $7.99.

To find out more about these great products, visit the UM! Brands website and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

(Other than the three products that I was provided by UM! Brands, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and their products.)


Unknown said...

A. I'm right there with you on the disorganization! never-ending.

B. I can't believe it holds the phone up! Maybe I wouldn't lose mine if it were hanging on the fridge.

C. Your girls are so cute! (I was just entering the monogrammed beach towel giveaway and the pic of them all wrapped up poolside is so sweet.)

Leslie Galloway (LesGalloway //at// hotmail //dot// com) www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie

Anonymous said...

Oh this company looks neat. I have notebooks everywhere. One that could stick somewhere would help with that mess. I'm off to check them out!

Amy V said...

wow- I LOVE those! i've never seen anything like 'em but now i want to try them! thx for the review!!

Sandy VanHoey said...

I'm sure I could find lots of uses for something like this. I am always wanting to have small items somewhere to just grab them. I like t\it!

Meghan said...

wow love this! my room is so small i dont have nightstands, so it'd be nice to stick my phone up at night!