Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Luxurious Sleeping with Nature's Sleep St. Cloud LUXE Memory Foam Mattress {Review}

Laying in bed the other morning, I smiled as I listened to the sounds of my family starting the day. Big Sister E and Little Sister B tend to wake up full of stories and were chattering away about this, that and the other, while my husband tried to appear interested as he served them breakfast.

Then there was a pause as he asked, What's Mama doing? Is she in the shower? When both girls replied no, his next question immediately followed. Then what's she doing? She's just lying in bed, isn't she?

Well, come on now. Can you blame me for not ever wanting to get up when this is what I have to leave behind?

Nature's Sleep St Cloud Luxe Mattress

As the plushest, softest, most luxurious mattress in the Nature's Sleep line, the 12" St. Cloud LUXE Mattress is as close as you can come to sleeping on a cloud without actually finding a way to prop yourself in the sky. The combination of two top layers of memory foam with multiple inches of support in the core results in a mattress that naturally conforms to your body and reduces pain and pressure points for a better night's sleep.

And, in the time the St. Cloud LUXE arrived, it has made my ability to want to do anything more than just lie on it and experience the plushness extremely difficult.

Nature's Sleep mattress delivery

While it initially surprised me to find a mattress rolled up on my doorstep, I appreciated this vacuum-packed method of delivery both for the reduced carbon footprint and for how much easier it was for my husband and I to move it to our bedroom.

While the roll still weighed around 100 pounds, the two of us were able to simply remove it from the box and carry it right up the stairs without worry of how it would make it around the corners or through tight spots.

memory foam mattress roll

As Nature's Sleep includes easy to follow instructions, there wasn't any confusion as to how to cut open the packaging and let this memory foam mattress recover and expand from its compressed state for up to 24 hours.

While there was a plastic-like odor that wafted out at first, I knew that it was temporary from the unique way that Nature's Sleep manufactures and packages their products. Sure enough, as the St. Cloud LUXE slowly went back to its original state, the smell dissipated completely.

memory foam mattress recovery

As memory foam mattresses don't require a box spring (they just need a firm solid surface such as a flat foundation or Nature's Sleep KD Foundation), our platform bed frame was ready and waiting for the transition. As soon as we had this in place, it didn't matter that it was in the middle of the afternoon — I was ready to call it a day and go to sleep!

Nature's Sleep mattress review

Having never slept on a memory foam mattress before, I had a few preconceived notions that this Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Foam Mattress not only met, but surpassed. The top 4" of the St. Cloud LUXE are made up of two different kinds of memory foam that come together to result in a mattress that molds and conforms to every angle, bump and bend of your body.

The next 2" of mattress consist of pressure relieving foam, followed by 6" of high density support core. All together, that adds up to 12" of ridiculously plush, cloud-like bedding that gives you a feeling that it was created just for you. I've never had a mattress feel as though it was cradling my body before, but this makes it pretty much impossible to have a sleepless night.

memory foam

While the inside of the St. Cloud LUXE Mattress is busy distributing your weight and relieving pressure points, the antimicrobial, allergen-resistant waterfall cover is luxuriously soft to the touch on the outside. The 80/20 cotton blend is embossed with the Nature's Sleep and Natural Cotton logos on the top, while the decorative black and grey cording is an attractive detail along the side.

The non-skid bottom is made from grey micro suede, providing the perfect contrast to the light top. Even better, the entire cover zips off and can be thrown right in the washing machine for easy cleaning!

Nature's Sleep memory foam mattress

It's hard to remember what sleeping was like before the 12" St. Cloud LUXE Mattress became a part of our lives. Every night I'm happy to drop onto it and feel the way that it comforts my body until I have to pull myself away from it. In the morning I wake feeling rested (assuming I have actually gotten enough sleep, of course), and I love the way that this mattress stays cool even when temperatures have been heating up this summer.

As a huge bonus, this memory foam mattress doesn't transfer movement from one side of the bed to the other. So, whether you co-sleep or just want to not be woken up by your significant other's tossing and turning, it's amazing to not have to deal with the hassle of having someone else moving around in your bed and waking you up!

As an ode to the mattress commercials from years ago that showed a glass of wine not tipping over while a woman jumped on one side of the bed, my girls did a short demonstration to show that Nature's Sleep truly has achieved that feat...

When it comes to a luxurious night's sleep, Nature's Sleep knows how to deliver. The 12" St. Cloud LUXE Mattress is the plushest, softest mattress in their collection and it can make a big difference in the way you sleep. From added comfort to less aches and pains, it's time to focus on giving ourselves the best sleep possible!

While the cost of this mattress ($1,850 - $3,100, depending on size) is higher than you'd find from a traditional spring mattress, this is truly going to last for years (decades!) to come. Considering the amount of time we spend sleeping (or, like me, just laying around in bed), this is one investment that you'll appreciate beyond many others.

The only difficult part of owning a Nature's Sleep mattress is trying to talk yourself — or others — into getting up and walking away from it...

comfortable bed

To find out more about Nature's Sleep and their amazing collection of mattresses, pillows, toppers, slippers and more, visit their website at NaturesSleep.com. Be sure to also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as signing up for their email newsletter — automatically entering you in a monthly drawing to win the Nature's Sleep product of your choice!

(Other than the St. Cloud LUXE Mattress I was provided by Nature's Sleep, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and this incredible product.)


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I have a few friends with the memory foam and they say its the way to go.

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That bed looks so comfy!

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I can only imagine how comfy that must be, but you'll have to tell me what you think about the temperature because I've heard they are very hot.

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Ohhh, looks so comfy!!!

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Oh man I don't think I'd get out either, looks so comfy!

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That looks so comfy!

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That looks soooo comfortable!!

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you should see my mattress..i really need this

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What an amazing mattress! We are in the market for a new mattress and this one looks perfect. I'll be sure to check it out!