Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Time to #GrabSummerFun with Nestle and Tombstone! {#CBias}

When spring was coming to an end, I somehow had the idea that summer would be a leisurely, relaxing season around here. The kids would be out of school, we'd have plenty of time to enjoy the park or go on a picnic or just kick back and play in the yard.

But somehow that daydream hasn't exactly turned out the way that I planned. As both of my girls have ended up enrolled in various camps, sports, classes and events, instead of putting my feet up in the hammock, I'm spending most free moments in the car shuttling someone to their next activity. How does that seem to happen?

Therefore, as soon as I heard that we had family coming into town for a visit, I knew that it was time to grab some summer fun while we had the chance. After all, what better excuse to have a little celebration than just the fun of being with those that matter most?

In preparation for our gathering, I planned a time for Little Sister B and I to head to Walmart to pick up Tombstone pizzas and Nestle Drumsticks so that there wouldn't be any worry or hassle over what to serve to eat (see the photos of our full shopping trip from our busy morning here). It didn't take us long to discover the Nestle ice cream options...

Nestle drumsticks well as the varieties of Tombstone pizza.

Tombstone pizza

While Little Sister B was pretty darn excited about getting to help pick out tasty pizza and ice cream for our party, I have to admit that I was feeling the same. Is there a party not made better with a Nestle drumstick? In particular a Cookie Dipped one? I mean, c'mon. Yum!

Nestle Drumstick Cookie Dipped
Taking #GrabSummerFun quite literally!

Considering we were planning a pretty low-key get-together, I felt as though now that we had a good portion of our menu planned, it was time to let the rest fall into place with these fast, easy and tasty foods!

party food

Just as I had hoped, the weekend proved to be a fun way to reconnect and hang out — two great aspects of summer. It was all too easy to spend time playing (i.e. goofing off) while the pizzas cooked...

outdoor trampoline

...and still sit down together to enjoy some tasty pizza with lunch. While we stuck with traditional cheese (knowing that it would make everyone happy), I was happy to find that the Tombstone pizza received multiple comments and compliments. I think Big Sister E might have never quit going back for more if I hadn't stopped her!

Tombstone pizza review

While we ended up moving inside to eat due to the extreme temps, that still didn't stop the feeling of summer. The cheesy, chewy goodness of the pizza was just the right filler that had the whole family happy. Of course, when it came time to pull out the package of Nestle Cookie Dipped Drumsticks...

Nestle Drumstick

...there definitely weren't any complaints there either. In fact, Big Sister E summed it up by saying that they were, "Yum, yum and yum."

Nestle Drumstick review

The remainder of our weekend party was filled with games, sports, swimming, laughter, books, more eating, and ended up being the epitome of summer fun.

summer fun

With summer ⅓ over already, we are definitely going to make an effort to take advantage of any and all free time to grab summer fun when we can. After all, it isn't only the vacations and planned activities that create the memories that we'll reminisce about for years to come, sometimes it is simply the weekends filled with good food, good family and/or friends, and good fun.

Be sure to check out the great Nestle options from Walmart as well as connect with Nestle Drumstick and Tombstone on Facebook to see how the large variety of tasty options can make your next get-together affordable, tasty and unforgettable.

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Unknown said...

Yay looks like summer is all about fun for you guys! Your daughter is adorable!

Andrea Kruse said...

Yum! We grabbed a box of the Cookie dipped also and it has become our favorite.

Have a great Summer!

Liz Mays said...

What? They not only have chocolate dip on the outside, but a secret center of more yumminess? This I need immediately.

Mimi N said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! That's what we're having for dinner tonight!! Wish we had a surround on our trampoline!!

Jessica Allen said...

Looks like fun! Your daughter's are so adorable! :) My Big Guy loves ice cream and pizza (he probably wishes we would have it more often! lol) Your making me hungry! :)

Lori Pace said...

YEA! How fun is this post? I love the easy and quick food you prepared and it looks like everyone enjoyed them!