Friday, July 27, 2012

Can I just admit that I'm fashionally-challenged? {I need a #Windowstyle makeover at BlogHer!}

You know the feeling in elementary school when you think that your sweater or jeans or shoes are the coolest and you just know that everyone is going to love them? And that clearly you have the best sense of style and it's just a wonder that your classmates aren't spending all day every day raving about how great you look?

But then do you also know the feeling where, 20 years later, you look back at photographs of the outfits that you actually wore to elementary school and you wonder what in the world was I thinking??

No? Well, I do.

childhood picture

These magenta pants are nowhere near as bad as the knee high green and white striped socks that I seemed to wear throughout my childhood... and don't even get me started on the tie-dyed neon leotard that I wore with bright pink striped tapered stretch pants in fifth grade. Consider yourself lucky that I couldn't find a photograph of that whole getup.

But, really. I look at the choices that I made and I just shake my head. Pleated jeans with a turtleneck and vest tucked in? Why did I think that was remotely fashionable?

bad fashion

And the fact that I went to a party that required a dress and purposely chose this? I just... I don't... no. Just no.

ugly dress

Before I dig out any other embarrassing photos from my youth, I should stop and point out what the actual problem is: this non-fashionable issue isn't one that I've outgrown.

While I somewhat make an attempt to follow the trends, my current style leaves much to be desired. Considering the fact that I'm a mom that works from home, there are days that I change from pajamas into sweats simply because they're comfortable (that's assuming that I actually change out of the pj's, of course).

When I do leave the house, I don't tend to go places that would require 4" stilettos, but does that mean that I have to throw on the same pair of jeans and t-shirt that I did the day before? While my closet is plenty full with clothes, there are many that haven't been off of the hangers in years, yet I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I tell myself that either they'll fit someday... or that I just haven't found the right top or bottom to accompany them... or... or...

What it comes down to is that I just don't know how to make fashion work for me. I've watched enough episodes of What Not To Wear and How Do I Look? to realize that I'm not doing my body as big of a disservice as some people out there... but I still sure wouldn't mind being on the show. Somebody help! Tell me what looks good with what and, more importantly, how to pick out the pieces that will make me feel good wearing them.

overalls for adults
Really? Overalls? When were those ever a good fashion choice?

Clearly a wardrobe makeover is in order. It's evident that I don't know how to shop for myself (I tend to focus on my kids anyway) and have no clue what to even look for in the store. I leave empty-handed most of the time... and, on the chance that I make a purchase, it never seems to be the kind that works with anything else that I own.

However, in my case clothing is only half the battle. Looking back through photos in the past, there are far too many that I'm either not in (because I'm much more comfortable behind the camera) or, if I'm actually pictured, I'm sporting the ponytail.

The same old, same old ponytail that I've had for decades that I throw my hair into far too often. Color? Style? Length? It doesn't matter, it all ends up pulled into the boring ponytail.

birthday candles
You couldn't have done something better than the ponytail for your own birthday party?

I'm not asking to be a rock star and I don't need a closet filled with cocktail dresses and a haircut that is on the cutting edge of hip and trendy. But I would like to get up in the morning and know that no matter if the day's plans include a trip to the park or a night out on the town, that I would be able to feel good about the way I look.

It's time to find the happy medium between looking cute, being comfortable, and feeling like me. Or at least a nicer version of me that knows how to dress, do her hair and wear some makeup. Is that too much to ask?

In writing this post, I'm entering the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover!


Jenny said...

Too funny! I wore overalls too. Why did we do that? LOL!

dannyscotland said...

Well your fashion style was clearly caused by the 80s, at least I think it was. I looked like crap back then, too! I think everyone kind of did, actually. But anyway, I would LOVE to be on What Not To Wear, except for the making fun of me part. I feel the same as you; I know I'm dressing wrong, or out of style or however we are describing it, but I don't know how to change nor do I have the money to do so. I hope you win the makeover. :-)

LeeAnn said...

Ohmygosh! I absolutely LOVE the pleated jeans with the tucked in vest. hahaha At least I'm not the only person with absolutely no sense of style. ;-) I say that with love, my friend.

And the overalls? I wore those too and every time I see a picture I always think "what, was I going to work on the farm?"

I hope you win this makeover for sure. Maybe you can share some of those new style tips with me. :-D

Alicia said...

That dress is a hoot! Oh, I remember those days well. I have some frightening pictures. What were we thinking!:)

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

I think you are too hard on yourself but I do hope you win, it would be fun. :)