Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cuddly Blanket + Cute Puppet = CuddleUppets {Review}

While there are some children's products that arrive on the market and make me shake my head (who comes up with some of these things?), there are others that, from the first time I see them, make me sure that they'll be a hit.

Case in point: CuddleUppets. If you haven't yet heard about these cuddly blanket + cute puppet inventions, I'm sure your child has!


The first time that Big Sister E and Little Sister B saw the CuddleUppets commercial on television, they stared at it with their mouths hanging open.

Mama, did you see those? Mama. Mama! Those animal puppets had a blanket attached!

They were hooked.

Available in six cute character styles — Pink Poodle, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Green Crocodile and Blue Elephant — I wondered if the love affair with CuddleUppets would continue when they were here in person.

And then the Green Crocodile and Brown Bear arrived and the giggling, dancing, hugging and joy showed that CuddleUppets were here to stay.

CuddleUppets crocodile
CuddleUppets bear

Measuring in at 28" x 39", CuddleUppets are made of super soft fleece material that is not only perfect for snuggling up, but can also actually provide warmth when used as a blanket.

But sleep? Who wants to sleep when they have an adorable companion right there in bed? My girls have found endless ways to play with their plush pals, from putting on puppet shows to wearing them as capes to their own creative role play/hide-and-seek...

hide and seek

...but their favorite always remains the cuddling. After all, between the luxurious feel of the soft blanket and the fun of the cheerful animal head and feet, it's no wonder that CuddleUppets just inspire love.

CuddleUppets review

Along with being fantastic bedtime, nap time, and playtime companions, CuddleUppets are also a must-have travel accessory. Instead of packing multiple items (and worrying about losing them), these unique friends are an all-in-one way to keep a child happy and comfortable. Tired on the plane? Pull up the CuddleUppet and take a rest. Bored in the car? Put your hand in the puppet portion and create an adventure!

As well as the comfort and entertainment value, CuddleUppets can be thrown right in the washing machine, so there is never any worry if they manage to get dragged on the floor or have picked up germs during a trip. They always come out clean, soft and ready for more fun!

CuddleUppets review

Available exclusively on the CuddleUppets website for $19.99 each (plus shipping and handling), once a CuddleUppet enters your home, your child is going to be addicted — these haven't left my girls' beds since the day they arrived!

Be sure to connect with everything CuddleUppet on Facebook and Twitter as well.

(Other than the CuddleUppet that I was provided [I then received a second CuddleUppet at Reviewer's Retreat], I was not compensated or enticed or to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this product.)


Sarah (@SarahPeppel) said...

So adorable. I am glad they are enjoying them!!

Kelly N. said...

Kinda reminds me of the Banana

strawberry said...

These are so cute.

LeeAnn said...

Adorable!!! (The puppets and the girls.) Rylie and Bryce would love those. Santa might have to pick up a couple of those this year. ;-)

Summer said...

My daughter has been asking for one of these! The are cute :)

freddie said...

These are so cute. I would love to get the Blue Elephant. I know one of my grandchildren would just love it.

Betty Roberts said...

My boys love the commercial I guess I'm going to break down and buy them they look pretty big