Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Find the Perfect Gift for your Guy {Guest Post}

I'm always on the lookout for gift ideas for my husband and thought this guest post had great points to keep in mind when shopping!

Do you have a picky man in your life? Chances are you do. As a woman, I have always had trouble finding the perfect gift for selective guys (i.e. the time I bought my boyfriend a water bottle for his birthday... everyone drinks water, right?!)

After years of trial and error (okay, mostly error) I figured out the perfect gift for any man, whatever his interests or personal tastes might be. Drum roll please... a wristwatch!

For centuries men's watches have been renowned for integrating fashion and function, and really, you can't go wrong with this classic gift. Whether your son is coming of age, or your husband just got a job promotion, a watch is an appropriate gift for almost any occasion.

Don't be overwhelmed by the huge range of watch styles and functions — it is this versatility that makes a watch such a great gift. Many men own more than one watch to fit the various activities and occasions in their lives, so you can always consider watches as future gifts too.

The executive in your life will appreciate a luxury watch that that indicates a subtle display of success and prestige, like a classic Cartier or Rolex.

Outdoorsmen will appreciate a sturdy sport watch that can withstand salt and sweat. Stopwatch and GPS features might also come in handy.

Men interested in technology and gadgets will appreciate a high-tech watch with a modern, digital look and advanced features like solar charging or high pixel resolution.

Watches are a way to exercise time discipline, and also a powerful way to display style, show personality and commemorate special life events. With the wide array of prices, styles, and functions available, watches are an item with endless gift giving possibilities.

If you are new to watches, it might be helpful to check out an online watch forum. You can also visit an online retailer, such as ShopNBC, for a large selection and customer reviews.

When buying a gift for the man in your life, you’ll surely hit a home run with something that is both stylish and functional. Happy Gift-Giving, my friends!

This is a Guest Post provided by Leslie Silver, an avid men's fashion writer. 


freddie said...

I totally agree a watch is a perfect gift. I gave one as a gift once and he just loved it.

dannyscotland said...

Ugh, my husband is SO hard to shop for! I would love to give him a watch, but he won't wear them! I have no idea why, but he refuses to wear one. Sigh. I like some of the ones in this post, too!

Unknown said...

I love to give watches to men as gifts. Problem is, there are so many to choose from, and man are just as particular about the style of a watch like women, it's hard to know just the right one to get. Thank you for an informative post.

Sarah said...

This might be the perfect gift for our upcoming anniversary, thanks!

mugsymcg46 at yahoo dot com

Kim Smith said...

We like Ruby Tuesdays

Unknown said...

My mother always told me to never buy a watch to your spouse, it's bad I never have and probably won't because she drilled it in my head so bad ! My idea is to buy them "custom handmade" pens, he loves those, and I won't steal those. LOL