Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Performance Bicycle's "Grow Up with Performance" Program Provides a Discount on Your Child's Next Bike {Girls Piper 20" Coaster Brake Kid's Bike Review}

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While not all children will take horseback riding lessons and not all of them will go to space camp, there is one thing that just about every single kid will do (and love) at some point: ride a bike.

Whether they take to it immediately and go zooming down the block or cautiously need a little more time to ditch the training wheels, riding a bicycle is a rite of passage that girls and boys everywhere encounter during their childhood that turns into lifelong memories. I can still remember practicing over and over on my older brother's bike before finally mastering being able to ride on two wheels!

When it comes to motivation, however, nothing beats a brand new bike. The comfortable new seat, the soft grip of the handlebars and the shiny spokes of the wheels... and when it comes to offering cyclists the best selection of products, the best value and the best service in the industry, no one knows better than Performance Bicycle.

Performance Bicycle products

As America's leading multi-channel bicycle retailer, Performance Bicycle has been successfully serving cyclists' needs for 30 years. Along with the 100 store locations and an inventory of more than 10,000 products available through their catalog and website, Performance Bicycle has proven to be the #1 shopping destination for people who love to ride bikes through their continuing commitment to providing value, education, expert advice and professional service. These folks just know bikes!

But they also know savings. So while your child is sure to remember their first bike just like you remember your first car, Performance Bicycle's "Grow Up with Performance" program (available in store only) offers unmatched savings on necessities and future bike purchases.

Growth Guarantee

The process is simple. Not only will Performance Bicycle help you find the right size and type of bike for the developmental stage of your young rider, but as your child grows, you'll receive great discounts on future bikes:
  • 1st Kids' Bike Purchase: Receive 10% off any Kid's Helmet
  • 2nd Kids' Bike Purchase: 15% off
  • 3nd Kids' Bike Purchase: 15% off
  • 4th Kids' Bike Purchase (or 1st Adult Bike Purchase): 20% off
Who doesn't love to get a discount on the quality-manufactured bicycles that are going to provide years of memories?

And no matter what color or style bike your child is looking for, Performance Bicycle has a variety of choices to pick from. Browsing their website is easy thanks to their Kids' Bike Age and Sizing Chart, which makes it simple to match up your child's age and height to determine which type of bicycle will fit them best. 

Considering that Big Sister E is quite tall for her age, I was able to easily see that she needed a 20" bike. As she isn't ready to have a bike with gears, Performance Bicycle's category of 20" Coaster Brake Bicycles looked to be the perfect compromise... and, when the Performance Girls Piper 20" Coaster Brake Bike arrived, it was all I could do to not wish that it was a little bigger so that I could take it for a spin.

pink girls bike

Really, do bikes come any cuter than this? From the colorful designs to the preppy detailing, it was clear that the Piper was going to be eye-catching even when it was still a pile of pieces right out of the box.

bike assembly

As neither my husband nor I are a whiz when it comes to wielding a socket wrench, we were initially a bit dismayed when we found that this bike came with lots of great safety tips and information... but no diagram or written instructions as to how to put it together. 

Fortunately, with a little perseverance (and me apparently not giving my husband enough credit for his bike assembly skills), we were able to connect each item to the steel frame in the correct place. Adding the Wald Training Wheels as the final touch, we were able to step back and see something that resembled the bike from many young girls' dreams.

pink girls bike

As soon as you're within 10 feet of this bike, there is no denying the high quality and durability that it displays. This isn't a kids' bike that is going to be used for a little while and then discarded, this is a bicycle that will be passed down from sibling to sibling and then on to relatives or friends for many more years of riding.

I love that the 20" High-Tensile steel frame has a low standover height so that Big Sister E can stand without having a bar in the way (this bike is designed to fit 6-8-year-old girls) and that she has no problem getting situated and ready to ride on her own.

Performance Bicycle review

At the same time that the Piper looks fashionable, Performance Bicycle didn't skimp on the safety. The pads and reflectors help ease my worries and the addition of the chainguard makes me happy knowing that this important part of the bike is protected.

To top it off, I love the way that this Coaster Bike includes the pedal brakes that are traditionally found on kids' bikes, but also includes a single hand brake. This way, Big Sister E can still have the safety and security of stopping her bike with the pedals, but will also be able to get used to the idea of braking by squeezing the hand brake, making the transition to any future bikes easier. 

Performance Girls Piper Coaster Brake Bike

But who can think about future bikes when this one is this amazing? Big Sister E hasn't shown a great deal of interest in riding a bike in the past, but the Piper has quickly changed that and she has been more eager to get out there and practice than ever before!

She'll happily ride one way...

riding a bike

...and then the other. Over and over again!

learning to ride a bike

Typically retailing for $179.99, the Performance Girls Piper 20" Coaster Brake Bike is currently on sale for $139.99 (the Wald Training Wheels retail for $24.99 and fit 16", 18" and 20" bikes). Plus, if this bike was purchased as a part of Performance Bicycle's "Grow Up with Performance" program, you'd save even more!

From the youngest riders who are first learning how to pedal to the experienced bikers who live to feel the wind in their hair, Performance Bicycle has the selection, knowledge and service to provide just what you and your family need. 

Be sure to visit their website to find out much more information, browse their products, request a catalog, find a store near you, place an order, and more. You can also connect with Performance Bicycle on Facebook and Twitter so that you'll never miss the latest and greatest from this incredible company.

(Other than the Piper Bike and Training Wheels I was sent from Performance Bicycle to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and their products.)


FireRunner2379 said...

I have purchsed many bike accessories from Performance Bicycle and have always found them to have terrific prices. I have never bought a bike from them so I can't comment on their service from that stanpoint but their service on parts and accessories is top notch.

Rebecca Orr said...

The seat looks really comfy. I need to look into them more for a bike for my 5 year old. He just learned to ride his bike without the his training wheels and is doing a really great job. I think I want to surprise him with a new bike for his birthday. Thanks for the review!!

Anonymous said...

We have been looking for a bike for our daughter but havent been able to find just the right one .this is cute and i think my daughter would love it.It looks sturdy and a great bike she can grow with.