Friday, August 10, 2012

Firmoo Global Online Optical Store {Review}

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Unfortunately for both Big Sister E and Little Sister B, poor eyesight is almost guaranteed for their future. Both my husband and I are dependent on glasses or contact lenses for clear vision (me, especially) and it seems as though only a limited amount of time before one or both girls starts squinting to see into the distance.

Fortunately for them, the huge array of styles, colors and overall coolness of glasses these days has turned them into a hip, trendy, fashionable accessory for all ages. The only problem? The price tag. The glasses in the stores aren't cheap, so the thought of buying more than one or possibly two frames isn't something that's as often considered as, say, purchasing a new scarf.

Which is why finding glasses online makes so much more sense... selection, style, delivery right to your door and, best of all, huge savings! And it's all there at

affordable glasses online

An extremely popular online optical store, Firmoo provides a large quantity of high-quality and fashionable eyewear at the most affordable prices. With many years of experience and prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses of all kinds to choose from, Firmoo has gained a solid reputation and the trust of customers worldwide.

Along with their strong commitment to offering customers the best quality products at the lowest prices (85% - 90% lower than that in brick-and-mortar optical stores), Firmoo takes things one step further and offers a Free for New Buyer program that allows you to experience their quality products and good service for FREE!

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As I began to browse through the large selection of glasses offered, right away I appreciated the way that Firmoo made it easy to navigate and narrow down their collections. Whether shopping for plastic vs metal, round vs rectangular, men's vs women's, or much more, they've got them all laid out and only a click away.

With my eye out for a full rim, rectangular plastic frame that would add a little style to my wardrobe, when I came upon the Unisex full frame acetate eyeglasses #CSMY8021 I knew that they would be a fun addition to my life.

plastic eyeglasses

While many people might wonder how you can order glasses online without being able to try them on, Firmoo makes it simple in two easy ways.

First, the frame dimensions. By being able to compare the CSMY8021 to the current glasses that I wear, I had no problem being able to see just how these would look and fit my face.

Second, you can virtually try on glasses right at your computer thanks to the technology on Firmoo's site. With the click of a button, you can get a general idea of the glasses on a model (with a variety of men and women to choose from) or, with a few more clicks, you can upload a photo of yourself to truly see how the frames will look.

Suddenly, instead of only seeing the glasses themselves, there they are on a model or yourself trying them on!

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After waiting a reasonable amount of time, a package from arrived and inside I found my CSMY8021 frames safely packed with a lightweight hard case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth, and an extremely handy eyeglass repair tool.

Firmoo glasses review

While I had a few small reservations about what the quality would be like for these glasses, as soon as I began to examine them, I found that they were nearly identical to those that I have looked at in stores... that cost twice or three times as much!

black plastic glasses

As I had been able to see all of the dimensions for these frames right online, I wasn't surprised when I placed them on and they fit very well. The lenses were crisp and clear and it didn't take long for my eyes to adjust so that I could wear the CSMY8021 around without problem.

Plus, I appreciated that the thick, trendy arms of the frames were not on stylish but did a great job covering up the thickness of my lenses. Anytime glasses can hide the fact that I have such poor eyesight, I'm definitely appreciative!

trendy glasses

Currently available in tortoise color only, these glasses have been a fun way to add something crisp and new to my wardrobe. Best of all? Instead of spending hundreds to add a little fashion to my life, the CSMY8021 cost only $42.50 at, including the lenses (which is important for someone like me who needs those extra strong ones that typically cost more).

With prescription glasses (including bifocals and progressive lenses) and prescription sunglasses available for men and women starting at only $8, the days of having to spend a fortune on glasses are a thing of the past.

Firmoo offers their customers a complete pair of lenses and frames at low prices, multiple inspections on every pair of glasses for accuracy, the convenience of shopping whenever and wherever for your schedule, and customer service that will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order.

When it comes to making the fashion-conscious consumers' dream of creating an affordable eyewear wardrobe a reality, is there. Be sure to visit their website to browse their selection and find out about taking advantage of their Free for New Buyer program that can allow you to bring home your first pair of glasses for free!

You can also connect with Firmoo on Facebook and Twitter for the latest and greatest information from this renowned online company.

(Other than the CSMY8021 glasses that I received from, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this site and their products.)


Amy V said...

tgis sounds like a great company- with excellent prices!! glasses can be really expensive! i'd be hesitant to order glasses online since i like trying on lots of different colors/styles, but with their customer service that shouldn't be a problem.

Kelly N. said...

its time for me to get glasses..may as well start looking

freddie said...

I like that you can see them on a real person to see what they look like. The prices are great too.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great review!

Kelly N. said...

serioously going blind..thanks for the info

Unknown said...

I have the same frame. Nice that they are affordable

flairshare said...

very informative review! I like that it is easy to navigate through the different eye glass options + that you can see what they look like on.