Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Body Magic By Ardyss {Review}

Body Magic by ArdyssI've always hated the phrase, "There's no magic solution to weight loss." Always.

It's just so annoying that there is a magic solution to other things - a cream that you can rub on to regrow hair on your bald spot or a cleaning tool that will eliminate the marks off of your carpet or plastic container that can organize your papers better than ever before - but losing weight is so darn hard.

Finding the time, energy, and motivation to work out while watching every last thing you eat is something that doesn't just happen with the snap of your fingers. But I know that I'm like millions of other women out there who would love to be able to hide our love handles and mom pooches effectively and easily. Who wouldn't enjoy the boost of confidence that could provide?

Well, let me tell you that my confidence has probably never been higher as when I'm wearing Body Magic By Ardyss, because really, it is as close to a magic solution as I have ever encountered.

Body MagicI'm not new to the idea of shapewear and have tried out a variety of styles and brands in the past to mixed results... so hearing the claims that Body Magic can flatten your belly and slim your waist so much that you drop one to three sizes immediately left me feeling pretty skeptical.

As their product line is developed to not only give you a slimmer appearance but actually restore the shape of the body and help you lose weight, when the Ardyss Body Magic arrived, I could immediately tell that this is one garment that means business.
Ardyss Body MagicActually made to move the fatty tissue in the body from one place to another, I took one look at the Body Magic and wondered if wearing it was going to be as complicated as it looked.

Turns out, it wasn't.

Due to the well-placed and very easy to use clasps down the front and on the straps, I simply slid into the bottom portion like pants, adjusted the straps, and closed up the front.

Body Magic reviewThe breathable fabric and comfortable cuffs on the legs made wearing the Body Magic feel light and not at all hot, which was in contrast to the way that the strong midsection and stiff boning held my stomach and hips in more than I have ever experienced before.

As Ardyss has a sizing system based on various measurements from your body, they did a great job ensuring that I had the correct one for my body and, when I turned and looked in the mirror, I have to admit that I was pretty shocked at the transformation. Whereas in the past the Before and After photos on shapewear websites make me scoff, ones like these from the Ardyss website truly are real:

Body Magic resultsVisit the Body Magic pictures page for more amazing Before and After pictures like this!

There were definitely multiple inches gone from my waist (my jeans were much too loose) and those love handles? Completely sucked in and hidden. I felt like it took me a time or two of wearing the Body Magic to be used to the feeling of having my body held tightly, but it wasn't in an uncomfortable way at all.

The first time I wore this garment out, I received multiple compliments as to how much weight I've lost and how good I look, which pretty much sealed my appreciation for this product. I am not one to normally wear fitted shirts or tighter dresses, but with this I have already been re-evaluating my wardrobe and pulling out items that I wouldn't have felt like I could have worn... not to mention that I'll need to purchase smaller pants so that they don't slide down!

I can't vouch for the Body Magic actually helping me lose weight, as that seems like something difficult to measure, but I really couldn't be happier with the results that I've encountered from wearing it. Unlike shapewear that ends somewhere around your ribs and slouches down throughout the day, this stays securely in place from the time you put it on due to the strong (and adjustable) straps.

I do find that although there are clasps on the legs, in order to go to the bathroom I end up taking the entire thing off (which, combined with having to then reconnect the clasps to put it all back on, takes a bit of time) but the way that my problem areas have disappeared makes it worth it. This doesn't just smooth bulges, it really does eliminate them!

I haven't once felt like I'm suffocating or too hot and whether it is the Body Magic or the way that I feel in it, I find myself standing taller and actually smiling more when I glance in the mirror. All in all, this is one innovative product that I feel really does live up to the claim that it is a state of the art body shaping garment that helps women lose 2-3 dress sizes from the moment they put it on - no pills, surgery, diet, or exercise required!

Often retailing for $150, the Ardyss Body Magic is currently running a 40% off sale and is now $89.99. For much more information, including FAQs, celebrity fans, media coverage and more or to place an order for any of the entire line of Ardyss products, visit the Body Magic By Ardyss Store today!

(Other than the Body Magic that I received from Ardyss to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this product and its results.)


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This is something I need immediately. Like you I have the love handles, mama pooch and rolls which could use some sucking in from some miracle garment. I love the before and after pix(you are getting brave) I love it! Sounds like an amazing product.

Jenny said...

I need one of these!

Unknown said...

I just followed you from the blog hop. The picture you have is CRAZY how good it works!! WOW. For the price, this is priceless...wearing it to special occasions alone under a dress would be worth it!

Liz Mays said...

I'm not sure about the having to go to the bathroom part, but I do like that it seems to hold things in and make the body less jiggly wiggly!

Rhonda said...

Thank you for your comments regarding Ardyss reshaping garments. Our garments will allow you to look like you dropped 1 to 3 dress sizes in minutes PLUS drop weight over a period of time.

If you have a product or business opportunity question please feel free to contact us directly at 1 888 755 1673 or visit our website:

Nancy Pants said...

This really works! I love it - I tried it at the beginning of March when I desperately wanted to look good for a wedding I was going to and the compliments were work every penny! LOVE it.

Natalie Evaniew said...

I've been wearing the body magic since Sept 2010. I started in a 36 body magic & just got a 30 body magic last week!!! It has changed my life. I used to be a size 14, now I'm a size 8 in jeans! If you are concerned about undoing the body magic, Ardyss sells the body magic long which has a velcro gusset that opens up & allows you to go to the bathroom very easily. The body magic long also works on slimming the legs. This is a must for every woman wanting to look & feel better!