Monday, April 18, 2011

Nutrisystem {Week 16}

I'm going to be honest here: Nutrisystem has turned me into a criminal.

You won't turn me in, right?

See, there are two create-your-own-stir-fry restaurants in our city that we love to visit. Due to the fact that you get to completely customize your meal, there really isn't a way for us to not like it. My husband can pile up his bowl with his meats and his water chestnuts (gag) and his baby corn (gag, again) while I can fill mine with tofu and pea pods and pineapple and sweet & sour sauce. Mmmmmm.

What was the point of this story again? Oh, right. I'm a hoodlum.

The problem is that at the one that we visited recently, they don't allow you to take home leftovers due to it being all-you-can-eat. Well, seeing as I'm not going to overeat and have more than half of a single serving while I'm also not going to let delicious food go to waste...

When we were leaving the house, I made sure to bring a container with me. If they weren't going to provide me with a doggie bag, then I would just have to do it myself.

My husband was my lookout while I slipped that container out, scraped my food in, and had it back in my bag without anyone being the wiser. Phooey on them, I say. Stop trying to get me (and everyone, really) to overeat by not letting me take food home and instead encouraging going back for more!

Pretty dramatic act of defiance, huh? I know, my life is pretty edge-of-your-seat thrilling.

But, speaking of thrilling, clearly my personal resolution as part of the Nutrisystem Nation to eat healthier portions (even if it means sneaking food out of restaurants) paid off in a big way this week...

Nutrisystem NationPrevious loss: 17.6 lbs

This week: -2.6 lbs

Total loss: 20.2 lbs

WHAT?! I have NO idea where that came from, but I can't even describe what my excited reaction was (at least not on a family-friendly blog) to have had such a great week! Maybe after having gone on vacation and not fully following the program, to have returned home and started up again jump-started the weight loss?

I don't know and frankly, it doesn't matter to me! This week rocks!

First of all, 2.6 pounds in one week!

Second of all, 20.2 pounds in 4 months! 20 pounds GONE, GONE, GONE!

Third of all, last week I was hoping that I would just lose enough this week so that I could move down into the next set of digits and now I'm well down into those digits! Those digits that I haven't seen since high school! In fact, my current weight is actually less than what I weighed in high school, which is mind-boggling, although I know I had a ton more muscle back then because of all of the sports that I played.

Anyway! To sum up this week: WOO-FREAKIN-HOO!!!

Have I mentioned that I love Nutrisystem? I do! If you want to see how you can lose weight, get healthy with me, and use a month's quota of exclamation points in a few paragraphs, visit Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689!

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As a member of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me to review. However, all thoughts, opinions and results expressed are completely and honestly mine; your experience or feelings may differ.


Anonymous said...

Woohhooo! I'm so excited for you. I know how good that must feel, congratulations girl:)

Jenny said...

Wow, 2.6 in a week is awesome! I'm so happy for you!!

LOL about you "stealing" food!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Congrats girl! That is spectacular! I have a good 30 pounds to go but I must admit I can't see any reason why I'm not FINALLY going to lose it. I can't wait to post my first 20lbs.

So excited for you. I agree you maintained your weight while you were gone and I think it shocked your body enough to jumpstart it when you returned. Awesome!

MIG said...

Congratulations on a 20 lb. loss!!! I knew you'd meet that mark. I'm glad you are saying Woo Hoo because you deserve it! Yay, Xenia! You ROCK!!!