Friday, April 22, 2011

PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits {Review}

Aside from the chocolate and the candy and the thrill of the egg hunts, dying Easter eggs is a tradition that I can remember back from my childhood. Is there anything more fun than dipping that clean, white egg into a cup of fizzing liquid and watching the hues immediately appear?

Unfortunately for my kids, my husband doesn't feel the same way and will do just about anything to get out of dying Easter eggs each year, often claiming that his aversion to the smell of hard-boiled eggs makes him exempt from the process. This year, however, there was no way for anyone to not have a great time thanks to the brand new line of egg decorating kits from the one and only PAAS.

If there is another name in Easter egg dyes, I don't know it. PAAS has been around for more than 130 years and, as far as I'm concerned, Easter isn't the same without them. This year, in addition to the other great products that they have to help you turn your eggs into any number of cheerful colors and designs, they have introduced five new kits.
  • Pirate Princess: Packed with 90 stickers, color tablets, egg stands and more, this kit will inspire little pirates and princesses to dress up eggs with buried treasure, skulls and crossbones, tall ships and more.
  • Wild Wheels: Hit the open road with PAAS Wild Wheels. Stickers and egg stands help transform ordinary dyed eggs into road-worthy hot rods.
  • Fun Eggspressions: A great way to unleash creativity and "egg-spress" the artist within, this kit contains sand for color and texture, paint, stickers and more.
  • Basket Buddies: Perfect for the pet lover, this kit lets you create egg masterpieces using stickers of cuddly puppies, adorable kittens and playful bunnies.
  • Easter Traditions: Featuring some of our classic designs, this kit includes some of the traditional symbols of the Easter season.
We couldn't wait to try out four of them!

Including the same great features (egg holders, tablets, clear instructions, etc) that we know and appreciate from PAAS, these new kits fit right in with this iconic brand.

We got right to work on preparing our dyes by dropping color tablets in with vinegar...

...while we checked out all of the fun items included and got started turning our eggs into fun spring colors.

Even though Big Sister E and Little Sister B enjoyed the dying process quite a bit, when it came time to take our dry colored eggs and decorate them, that's when the excitement really set in.

These kits have so many great additions and features! All of the stickers were plenty easy enough for either of them to pull off and adhere to the eggs and the girls loved everything from the treasure to the puppies to the soccer balls.

With my help, we also tried out the fun EggArounds (plastic sleeves) and used the hair dryer to heat and shrink them right onto the egg. Big Sister E was a big fan of the football egg and Little Sister B kept pretending to pet the egg covered with puppies!

The girls were a little too young this year, but the Fun Eggspressions kit really caught my eye with the unique addition of paint as well as glue and sand to really encourage creativity!

With a high quality Egg Decorating Kit to match every interest, PAAS makes it easy to customize your own Easter tradition year after year. Visit their website for information on all of their great products, egg decorating tips (including how to prepare the perfect hard cooked egg), recipes, crafts, and much more.

The 2001 Kits from PAAS retail for $2.99 each and are available at major grocery stores, drug stores, and mass merchandiser chains everywhere. There is still time to pick one up today and add some colorful fun to your Easter baskets!

(Other than the Easter egg dye kits that I received from PAAS to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their products.)


Sippy Cup Mom said...

Fantastic review! I am going to buy some kits tonight and will definitely look for these!

Liz Mays said...

I have to laugh because my kids always used the stickers and wraps too! I grew up with Paas, and they just make it so easy. Gotta love that!