Tuesday, April 26, 2011

O-Cedar "Be a Cleaning Pro" Sweepstakes

O-CedarWhen it comes to cleaning, I somehow think that my recent attempts at just ignoring the mess until it goes away don't seem to be working. The carpet still needs vacuuming, the dishes still need washing, and the laundry did manage to get clean... it's just now sitting in a large, wrinkled piled on the couch.

It seems that whatever the trick is to keeping a house clean and organized, I don't know it. Whether I'm just a slacker or it's not in my DNA, I could definitely use some direction as to doing a better job. Fortunately, one of the companies who knows all about making cleaning easier, O-Cedar, is holding a "Be a Cleaning Pro" sweepstakes until April 30th that sounds like it would be the answer to my problems.

O-Cedar Be a ProThis spring O-Cedar and celebrity expert, Peter Walsh, want to help you rethink the way you clean and organize your home, turning you into a Cleaning Pro. Considering how much our O-Cedar ProMist review last year already pushed us in the right direction, this is one sweepstakes that I know is going to thrill the lucky winner.

There is no purchase necessary and to enter you simply have to fill in your contact information - it couldn't be much easier! So, what might you win?

One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive the ultimate package that includes an eight hour home visit by home cleaning and organization expertO-Cedar ProMist Peter Walsh and the ProMist Clean Team, organizational and cleaning items, O-Cedar cleaning kit, $1,000 check, and a signed copy of Peter Walsh's latest book, Lighten Up! This prize has an approximate retail value of $8,000!

Three Monthly Prize Winners will also each receive a mini "Cleaning Pro" prize package that includes an eight hour home visit by the ProMist Clean Team, a signed copy of Peter Walsh's book, Lighten Up, and an O-Cedar cleaning kit. Retail value of $750! Not too shabby for just typing in your name and address!

Remember, the O-Cedar "Be a Cleaning Pro" sweepstakes ends on April 30, so don't wait! Head over and browse through Peter Walsh's cleaning tips, find out more about the O-Cedar ProMist Cleaning System, and, of course, enter to win!

(I was not compensated for sharing this information, although I did receive two complimentary O-Cedar ProMist Cleaning Systems. However, all words are my own and if you win this contest, you are obligated to tell Peter Walsh that I'm a big fan)


Anne said...

followed you here thru FMBT, hope you can follow me back.

Thank you.

MIG said...

I love these kinds of floor mops that enable you to use whatever cleaner you want and reuse the pad too. I'm all for it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see that this giveaway is still going on. This is something I really need.