Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NatureMill Reviews | Home Composting Made Easy {Guest Post}

This is a guest post by NatureMill that I found interesting at this time of year where not only are people looking to go green, but having a compost is a viable option for more and more homes indoors and out. Reviews for this model seem to be overwhelmingly positive!

NatureMill Reviews Indicate Home Composting Is Easier Than Ever

Extremely positive NatureMill reviews indicate a surge in the number of people enjoying home composting. Part of that surge is due to the easy-to-use NatureMill Composter. NatureMill reviews show high levels of customer satisfaction with the small, automated unit, which is discreet, quiet and odorless. The "you hardly know it's there" aspect of the composter is a very positive feature according to NatureMill reviews.

Positive Feedback Floods NatureMill Reviews Message Boards

When you read NatureMill reviews you'll see why users love the NatureMill Composter. This isn't your dirty, smelly backyard composter. The efficient, easy to use, odor and mess free units can be used indoors.

Customer satisfaction remains high with the indoor home composting units, which allow users to compost food scraps that aren't even usually used in compost such as meat and bones. The short time to a finished product also scores high marks on NatureMill reviews.

NatureMill reviews indicate that the units can create garden-ready compost in as little as two weeks. Finished compost can be dumped directly into your home garden beds to enhance your own soil and feed your plants, flowers and trees. Millions of people in 27 countries know that home composting has never been easier.

Do you have a home compost or are you considering starting one?

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Maria said...

I reviewed one lat year. They are expensive but I like it.

I realize you may not actually care, but if you do, here's my review: and an update after using it a while:

My spacing got a little messed up when I imported to WP but hopefully it's still readable!

Scented Leaf said...

Happy Easter to you, Xenia, and your loved ones!