Saturday, April 16, 2011

I need party ideas (because October will be here soon)

I have six months until Big Sister E's next birthday... and already I'm starting to sense the nagging feelings creeping in.

What are we going to do? Where are we going to have it? Who are we going to invite? And, most importantly, what is the theme going to be?

That last one is my fault, as I'm big on themes. I can't just have kids over and let them play games and eat cake! No way! Whether it is monkeys or rock stars (both of which we've done), everything from the invitations to the decorations to the food to the goodie bags that get taken home have to somehow relate.

I find myself scouring the stores and the internet to find just the right addition and won't settle for anything less. For Little Sister B's birthday this past December, I found myself frantically bidding on eBay because I had to have those exact cookie cutters for her Elmo party.

Is there a Party Planners Anonymous support group? Should I be concerned that I need to join one?

Even though every year I tell myself that I'm just going to do something normal like purchase a party hat...

...and then have a traditional birthday party, it just doesn't seem to happen. With my luck, Big Sister E will be into something obscure this year and I'll be up nights making rocket ship t-shirts or trying to figure out which table will be best to display the Spongebob Lava Lamp.

Hey, it could happen.

What do you like to do to celebrate birthday parties? Do you prefer simple or elaborate?



Quirky Homemaker said...

I tend to go overboard too! This year, I'm skipping my sons. It's just too hard with our tiny house. And boys are too wild. Have fun with whatever you decide! I'm sure you'll come up with some cute stuff!

Holly said...

My little girl's bday is in Oct. as well. This year, we are doing a Halloween theme/costume party for the kiddos. I bought a TON of stuff last year after Halloween so I already have a good start. Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

We always use to do just fun family and friend parties with no theme. That all changed last year when I threw two fun parties for the kids and did everything myself. May 1 we have Dora:) Fun Fun!

Randi said...

I get a little crazy sometimes. I try to keep it low key and then next thing you know there's a jumpy house and a trailer full of ponies showing up, lol. I did a color party one year and everyone loved it, and it was pretty simple. My DD's favorite color was orange, so we sent orange invatations asking people to wear orange if they were able. We had orange necklaces for those that didn't. We served all orange foods and drinks. We served everything in clear bowls to maximize the effect. We strung orange crepe paper and ribbons and balloons everywhere. I used orange sheets to cover the furniture since it was at our hosue. Of course orange cake, and orange wrapped presents. Everyone loved it and it was pretty easy on me.

Or perhaps one of these...
tie dye
polka dots
tea party


Lady Multi-Tasker said...

I always go overboard too. I tell myself every time to just scale back but inevitably I obsess about every little detail. And now we're up to 4 birthdays! Eek! Luckily last year and this year my two big girls are sharing a party, which is the only benefit to their b-days being a month apart.
November we did Minnie Mouse for the 2 yr old (not sure what it'll be this year), the big girls will be having a sleep over beginning of June, and the boy will have a Monster 1st B-day party in August. I've got big plans for these two parties coming up and I'm pretty sure I'll run out of time preparing for them. =P

Jenny said...

I love planning parties! My daughter's 7th birthday is next month and we will do a Pinkalicious party. Our parties are just simple family parties, but I like to have a theme and give out goody bags.

Brittany @ My Decoupaged Life said...

I absolutely love planning parties. I'm actually going to be starting a business soon selling party packages. We threw my daughter a Tangled party this year (you can see the details on my blog). But I'm sure no matter what you do your daughter will be happy!

Rose-Marie said...

I have to confess they can take on a life of their own! And I'm laughing b/c I have scoured the internet looking for "must have" cookie cutter for a theme, the worst part was when I couldn't find what I "needed" and felt so woe-be-gone! Then finding things perfect after the party! well you know what the next year's party would be, I was at least better prepared. I still have "leftovers" from those theme parties, and I can remember so many. For instance, those 'my little pony' baby blue paper plates, etc. !!! Please let me know if u find the support group!!