Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cutest Children's Hats: Beanie Designs {Review}

Beanie DesignsPrior to having children, I sometimes wondered about the fashion choices that moms out there were making for their kids. Why is your son wearing his Batman costume in June? How come your daughter has on a tutu and tiara in the grocery store?

Little did I know that, when it comes to kids and their clothing choices, these things happen. We all know the phrase "Choose your battles" and if it takes wearing striped pants with a polka dot shirt to make our little ones happy, then there's no harm done.

For me, I try to preempt my kids heading out looking like clowns by being sure that I can always finish off their outfit with an adorable accessory. And our absolute favorite ones right now are the sweetest, cutest styles of hats and headbands found at Beanie Designs.

baby hatsWhen it comes to cute baby hats, Beanie Designs are experts. Whether you are shopping for winter or spring, for style or function (or both), or just want to browse their selection of infant hats to find the perfect gift, you'll find all of the styles, colors and sizes that you need... and those that you don't will still make you smile.

With Big Sister E at my side, we looked through page after page of adorable baby hats, giggling and pointing to our favorites. It was a good thing she was there to help, as I'm not sure I would have been able to make a decision on my own. Together, we agreed that the Froggy Hat would be perfect for her and the Organic Cotton Brown Stocking Hat with Flower would suit Little Sister B perfectly.

cute baby hatsAnd we were right!

When these hats arrived, both girls were clamoring to try them on and, considering this is the winter that never ends, I knew that we would be getting plenty of use out of them for quite some time.

With the adorable frog eyes on top, Big Sister E immediately dismissed all other hats she owned in favor of the 100% cotton, hand-crocheted Froggy beanie... and I couldn't blame her.

Available in sizes 0-3 months all the way up to 5T-preteen, the quality and durability of this hat has been evident throughout the many, many times that it has been worn. I love that it is machine washable for easy care and Big Sister E can't help but grin every time she wears it out and receives compliment after compliment on it.

As for her Organic Stocking Hat, Little Sister B has been just as thrilled to wear it proudly and I adore the way that it combines a cheery, spring look with a traditional stocking cap style.

This hat is machine washable as well (yay!) and the 100% Organic Cotton is extra soft to the touch. Available in sizes 0-3 months up to 1-4 years, the hand knit look and feel with the addition of the layered flower is just the perfect combination of sweet and fun.

We couldn't be happier with our hats from Beanie Designs and I have no doubt that they will be a staple in my girls' wardrobes for years to come. Retailing for $24 and $32, respectively, I know that these will be able to be worn well into spring and then will be eagerly pulled out again in the fall. They're just so cute!

For a huge selection, extremely high quality, and results that you will be sure to adore for years, Beanie Designs has it all. From new baby gifts to an accessory for the cutest portrait, there is something in every style and price range to fit your needs for nearly every season.

Visit Beanie Designs to check out their great selection and be sure to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook as well to never miss a beat on the cutest handmade baby hats and headbands!

(Other than the two hats that I received from Beanie Designs to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their absolutely adorable products that my girls wear daily.)


Gillian said...

These hats are darling! The girls are, too! Thanks for sharing the site.

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Cathy D. Adams said...

These hats are precious. I have twin granddaughters that are 18 months old and these would be precious on them.