Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cold Feet? Try Snoozies! {Review}

It seems like no matter how warm it is in our house, I'm always cold. My husband will be complaining about getting sweaty while here I am piling on more layers and another blanket. But the main culprit has got to be my feet, I'm pretty sure those are permanently 20° colder than the rest of my body. Brrr!

Previously I found myself going back and forth between trying various slippers or pairs of socks, but couldn't seem to find the happy medium. Slippers seem to be bulky or too warm and socks don't provide enough heat... plus, they slide around on the hardwood floor far too easily.

So, what does that leave? Not a sock or a slipper, the perfect combination of both: snoozies!

Deemed as "The Cure for Cold Feet," snoozies! are the stylish, comfortable, affordable solution for women and children to keep your tootsies happy all year long. As soon as I saw the great selection of fun prints and patterns, I could immediately picture my feet being happy and warm and was excited to see which snoozies! they would get to enjoy.

The Simple Hearts snoozies! were just as soft, comfortable, and cozy as I had suspected and I had them on my feet the moment they were out of the package.

The brushed fleece exterior felt great and was bright and colorful... but didn't compare to how luxurious the Sherpa fleece on the inside felt against my skin. What feet wouldn't be happy tucked in snugly in this?

Turning the snoozies! over, I was happy to see the non-skid sole that really does make them safe for hardwood and tile. I've had my share of slipping and sliding (and falling) and any additions to lessen that are always a big bonus!

I have now worn my snoozies! with and without socks many, many times and they have held up great. They've proven to be very durable and, as they are completely machine-washable, when they start to get a little dirty, I just toss them in and they come out sparkling clean once again.

Retailing for $12 online or at a store near you, there is a snoozies! design for every personality and occasion. As well as all of the traditional, bright options, there is even a whole category of Birthday snoozies! that would make a great gift for any woman or child. Who wouldn't like to unwrap a cute pair of these?

For birthdays, Mother's Day, or just to make a pair of feet happy, snoozies! foot coverings are an affordable, durable way to combine socks and slippers in a fun and comfortable way!

(Other than the Simple Hearts snoozies! that I received in order to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and this product.)


MIG said...

I always have cold feet too. And like you my husband is usually sweating while I'm cold.

You have to love Sherpa! The non-slip and washable factors are what really has me sold though.

Liz Mays said...

Those are absolutely adorable! My feet would enjoy such lavish softness, for sure.

Clueless_Mama said...

Xenia, I got this same pair and I love them. I have already purchased my mom a pair from the kids for her birthday. She actually ended up with my review pair because I needed the bigger size. Anyway, enough of my long story. LOL I hope you have a fabulous weekend with those adorable kiddos of yours.

Anonymous said...

I hate when my feet get cold. They look nice and cozy!