Monday, March 7, 2011

Lori Grenier Innovations for the Kitchen {Review}

It is quite common for my husband or I to walk into the room when the other has the television on and say, "What the heck are you watching?"

I shake my head at his choice of shows that are designed around laughing at people getting hurt or when he's watching a sport that I find incredibly boring and he seems to question my judgment on most anything that I am addicted to on E! or my extreme enjoyment to QVC.

I can't help it, I just get sucked in watching all of the innovative, why-in-the-world-didn't-I-think-of-that products that are shown by the inventors and QVC's upbeat and positive hosts. I understand that my husband doesn't get as mesmerized as I do, but at least he should be thankful that I don't head straight to the phone or website to order all of the cool things that catch my eye.

Fortunately, I was able to have a taste of a 14-year QVC star, Lori Greiner, right in my own home recently by trying out two of her renowned innovations for the kitchen: the Set of 4 Nonstick No Mess Cooking Utensils and the Prep N' Pop Vegetable Helper.

Holding more than 100 US and worldwide patents, Lori Greiner is no stranger to inventing products that are designed to make your life easier, more fun and more convenient.

Although she has over 250 products, her No Mess Cooking Utensils are one of Lori's favorites. Made of stainless steel and silicone, at first glance these tools don't look any different than the traditional ones that we all already own. However, the innovation of these utensils lies in the unique handles that are specially designed to hang on the side of a pot due to the well-placed S-shaped bend in each one.

Instead of dirtying a trivet while you cook (or the counter, like me) or having your spoon drop down into the batter, sauce and more, you simply rest your spatula, large stirring spoon, small stirring spoon or slotted spoon right on your pot, pan or bowl - of ANY size and it hooks right on!

As these utensils are made to be left right in the pot while your food is cooking, they are actually heat-safe for up to 450°F. Even better, the handles themselves are made out of a special nylon nonstick blend that is highly heat resistant and can handle up to 500°F but will always stay cool to the touch. I love that feature!

No more dirty counters or digging down into your soup for your spoon, simply use the Nonstick No Mess Utensils for cooking, move them right to the table for serving, and then stick them into the dishwasher afterward for easy cleaning. Available in red or black, the Set of 4 retails for under $18 and a similar Set of 5 retails for less than $25.

When it comes to peeling the vegetables to go into those pots and pans, I have to admit that I've had my fair share of mishaps with the knife and peeler. I'm not sure if I'm just not paying attention or multitasking or I'm just careless (or a combination of the three), but my fingers are ready to be done with the nicks and cuts.

Now, instead of putting them at risk, I can simply grab the Prep N' Pop Vegetable Helper to hold veggies of all sizes for me without problem.

Even though I thought the Prep N' Pop had a slightly strange appearance, I soon found that using it was extremely easy. After pulling off the safety cap on the bottom, you pierce the three metal prongs right into your carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, apples and more and it holds them while you peel or chop.

The Thumb Ring at the top of the Prep N' Pop makes it so that you can easily hold it in one hand while you prep your veggies and, when you're done, just press the release button and a center piece pushes the prongs right out from the bottom.

You can then reposition into the middle of your item so that you don't have to hold it while you chop or, if what is left is unusable like a core, you just pop it directly into the garbage without ever having to touch it.

As well as using the Prep N' Pop for peeling and cutting, it is also great as a grabbing tool to reach into boiling water and pull out something like corn on the cob (which I can never figure out how to easily remove). Or pull it out to flip meat or hold your turkey while you carve or reach deep into a pickle jar or zest a lemon... this is an extremely versatile product!

Available in blue, red, white and black, the Prep N' Pop retails for just over $15 and, for anyone who worries about getting their fingers too close to the blade in the kitchen, this is a unique and easy-to-use solution. It's simple to hand wash when you're done or it is even dishwasher safe as well.

With innovative products for travel or to help in just about any room of your home, it is no wonder that Lori Greiner has as many devoted fans as she does. Her ideas and inventions respond to the everyday needs that show up in so many households and their affordable prices make her products accessible to everyone. Now I've just got to tune in to QVC to see what Lori comes up with next!

(Other than the Set of 4 Nonstick No Mess Cooking Utensils and the Prep N' Pop Vegetable Helper I received in order to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of these products and their uses.)


Jenny said...

Very cool. I like those utensils. I once left a spoon in the pan and it melted! LOL!

Barb said...

They look pretty amazing. I love new kitchen tools & gadgets! Hope I get to try them out too sometime.

Anonymous said...

Ok both are really cool. I'm a messy cook and just recently told hubby I need utensils that stay right on the pots and pans. The vegetable tool looks neat. No more fingers in the way!

boosandrawrs said...

OH I need those utensils! I have a half and half mix of metal and plastic utensils and I Think ALL of the plastic ones I own have bumpy spots on the backside where they have melted because I Sit them on the edge of a pan for a second before realizing. What a great idea!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok I need that tool that holds the veggie. How cool :)

And yes I have melted spoons ... lOL :)

Nikki said...

Hi! I'm following you from the "I Love My Online Friends" Monday blog hop. Love your blog!