Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tea Collection Children's Clothing {Review}

The first time I was introduced to Tea Collection was due to the fashion knowledge of a friend of mine (who, incidentally, is quite stylish herself). During playgroup one time, she looked over at one of the other little girl's shirt and pants and asked,

"Is that a cute little Tea outfit she's wearing?"

A what?

"Tea. You know. Tea Collection?"

Blank stare.

After she proceeded to inform me all about this line of stylish, modern and overall unique clothing for kids, I went right to my computer to see if the pieces lived up to the high recommendation.

As for the results? Completely amazing.

How did I not know about this fabulous line of children's clothing? With everything from adorable baby clothes to the cutest dresses, tops and bottoms for girls to rugged-but-hip boy's clothing to the recent addition of a women's collection, Tea Collection has something for everyone.

And you're not going to find just another cookie cutter outfit here; Tea bases their clothing off of the beauty that they discover from traveling and experiencing cultures from across the globe. The end products are are not only distinctive and beautiful, but can fit right into the lifestyle of the "little citizens of the world" for which they are designed.

After that initial introduction, I've been a fan of Tea Collection ever since. It's really hard not to be. So of course I was thrilled when they sent me over to do a little shopping and couldn't wait to see what fun finds I would discover in their girls' clothing line.

I decided that it was time for Little Sister B to have some apparel that didn't get passed down to her pre-stained and already looking a little worn, so I began browsing... and browsing.

After a few days of deliberating, I finally decided and was treated to extremely friendly customer service as I called in my order (you can easily purchase right online as well). And when my selections arrived a few days later, I couldn't have been happier with them.

Even though there are incredibly cute pieces for spring already on their website, I couldn't help but hit up the sale section to end up with all of these adorable picks (plus we have a long way to go until we're in t-shirts here in the Midwest). Quite a few are no longer available, but were definitely a bargain - things like the Striped Drop-waist Dress marked down to $16.50 from $28 and the three Floral Tops that were also only $16.50 (originally $24).

And each of them are fabulous! The 100% cotton is extremely soft and machine washable and comes out of the dryer looking just as new as the day they arrived.

Even better, four out of the five items that went to Little Sister B coordinate with each other easily and it is great being able to mix the tops or dress with the pants or just with jeans.

Everything is just slightly too big for her, which is exactly what I had hoped. This way we'll be able to wear the pieces for the rest of this winter and all the way through next year! Plus, with such versatility, it won't be hard to put the cute French Terry Cargo Pants (the Plum color we have is no longer listed) with t-shirts or tank tops as the weather does finally warm up.

Not to mention how cute the Drop-waist Dress looks either with the cargo pants, leggings or just by itself. More layers for the cold weather and less as it heats up!

Of course I couldn't leave Big Sister E completely out and I knew that she would love the Blue Hoodie (on sale for $19.50 from $29) because it fit her style just right. Sure enough, the comfortable, casual feel combined with the added detail of the floral design has made this one of her immediate favorites in the closet.

Although I was a fan of Tea Collection before, my love for their adorable apparel has increased about tenfold due to these great pieces. Both girls are always comfortable and casual while having an outfit that gets us compliments every single time we leave the house.

Everything from the extra steps and small touches that Tea is known for including to the ability to wear their clothing to just about any occasion and look great is something that I definitely appreciate. This is one company that knows how to make modern, colorful, high quality, unique and age appropriate clothing that just works for sizes 0-3 months to 8 years.

I can't wait to continue to check back to see all of the gorgeous new styles and designs that are added each season as Tea travels to a new destination and comes up with ways to incorporate that beauty into their apparel and accessories.

(Other than the gift certificate I received in order to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this company and their amazing clothing.)


Rhe Christine said...

New follower from the saturday stalk! congrats for being the spotlight!! You have some amazing reviews! Thanks for a great blog

Anonymous said...

You can only love Tea clothing. It's amazing, stylish, and they have so many fun patterns. You chose a great selection of items for the girls. I was going to say oh no Xenia picked brown pants but they look eggplant color. The girls are darling in their new attire!

BusyWorkingMama said...

Your girls are so cute! Love the items - nothing better than mixing and matching!

betty-NZ said...

Such cute clothes and lovely little models!

mrs.shopper said...

followed u please follow back @ Love the smile on your daughter.

Jenny said...

I haven't purchased any of their clothing, but I have seen the catalogs and their site and love their stuff!

MIG said...

I love outfits that can be mixed and matched. It's so helpful. It's great the have Mix and Match sets ready to go!