Monday, March 21, 2011

Nutrisystem {Week 12}

Nutrisystem Three months.

Normally for me, three months go by and I find that nothing has really changed in my life. Maybe Big Sister E has made a new friend at school or Little Sister B has found a new way to do something that she shouldn't... but then charm me out of being hard on her with her sweet smile.

But in the past three months of having Nutrisystem in my life, things really have changed. I'm sure I would still eat half the pan of brownies if you put it in front of me (okay, who am I kidding? I'd totally eat the entire pan) but now the thing is that I make a huge effort to not have the temptation available.

Instead, I do my best to follow the program, eat the tasty food, and make all-around healthier decisions. The other day my husband brought me a sub sandwich for lunch and wherein I would have previously eaten the entire thing plus chips and whatever else was there, this time I ate only half and then cut up a red pepper to complete my meal.

Who knew that a red pepper could be a dessert? Yum!

Being a part of the Nutrisystem Nation has also inspired me to do something else in my life that is different from three months ago. I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but it is...

Exercise. Me.

Before, those weren't two things that went together, aside from walking to the park with my kids. But now, it's actually something that I look forward to. I even joined the gym closest to my house and have been hitting up the classes and the machines and slowly but surely getting a little stronger and a little more fit with each visit.

Seriously, who is this person and how did she get inside my head?

It also helped immensely when I went to the mall to pick up a few new workout clothes and, after bringing an armful into the dressing room, I had to head back to the racks to pick out all new ones in a smaller size.

Shocked didn't really cover how I felt trying on pants after pants only to find that they were all so loose that they sagged down. Elated is probably a better word. Ecstatic, even.

So of course I was hoping that now that I'm starting to exercise a bit that it would translate over to the scale. And this morning I found that...

Nutrisystem NationStarting weight: Too much

Week 1: -3.0 lbs         Week 7: -0.8 lbs
Week 2: -3.0 lbs         Week 8: -1.4 lbs
Week 3: -1.0 lbs         Week 9: -1.0 lbs
  Week 4: -1.4 lbs         Week 10: -1.0 lbs
  Week 5: -1.0 lbs         Week 11: -0.6 lbs
  Week 6: -0.8 lbs         Week 12: -1.0 lbs

Total loss: 16 lbs

Well, one pound is better than half a pound and definitely better than nothing, so I'll take it. But mark my words: next week will be more than one pound lost. It will be.

If you want to see how you can lose weight and get healthy with me (I highly recommend this program, I really do), visit Nutrisystem or call 888-853-4689 today!

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As a member of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me to review. However, all thoughts, opinions and results expressed are completely and honestly mine; your experience or feelings may differ.


Truthful Mommy said...

WOOHOO for you!!! I am so excited for you. 16 pounds is awesome. ANd exercising and even better yet, having to buy smaller clothes...that's the stuff dreams are made of:) Girl, remember, we've got bathing suit season around the corner! We can DO IT!!!! #NSNATION rocks it!!!

casey aubut said...

Yeah for you!!! I cant wait until I can buy smaller clothes! how fun! :)

Liz Mays said...

DANG girl, you are killin' this weight loss!

Anonymous said...

Awesome girl. You will be at goal before you know it. The girl were too cute and little sister with her plastic rings haha. Congrats:)

MIG said...

I totally believe it will be more than one pound next week! I can see how determined you are. Congratulations on the smaller pant sizes! That must have felt so good. I bet you were smiling the whole time you were trying them on. Can't wait for next weeks post!!!

Mellisa said...

I LOVE this video!!! The kids are so adorable:) I have a little mini-me who is 3 and she wants to do everything I do, so it's fun to get the kids involved. Way to go with the 16 lbs!!! You look great.


Alison said...

Your girls are so adorable! My boys like to work out with me too when Jillian kicks my butt. Hunter one time told me I was going to slow. Ugh. Hahha.

Your going to look amazing at #RR11

Marissa said...

congrats to YOU on your success! woohooo, you are doing fabulous!!!

Rachel C said...

Congrats! Be proud of every pound - it's takes a lot of work to lose weight!

Jenny said...

I am so proud of you! 16 pounds, that is awesome!

That is the cutest video!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job!
Remember, exercise means building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, so you probably lost, like, 2 lbs of fat and gained 1 lb of muscle which is totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job!
Remember, exercise means building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, so you probably lost, like, 2 lbs of fat and gained 1 lb of muscle which is totally awesome!

LeeAnn said...

Congratulations Xenia! You're doing great! I love the video and how your kids are exercising with's good for everyone! I am going to *try* to start exercising some. Watching that video made me remember how good it feels!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Mine has slowed down a bit but I'm hoping to see better numbers tomorrow when I weigh in to post because I've been 100% on plan and working my butt off. :)

Emily - Family and Life in Las Vegas said...

16 pounds is AMAZING! You are such a great mommy! Love your video. Lots of fun! You should be so proud!

Jen@born2impress said...

Great job!
Way to go momma:)
Love the babies....... Too cute.