Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones (The Seasons) DVD {Review}

While growing up, I had a few friends that spoke a language other than English in their home... and that always amazed me. After one instance watching one talk on the phone to her mother in Spanish while also to me in English, I let her hang up the receiver before asking, "What language do you think in?"

She just shrugged, but I was still completely bewildered that she could flip back and forth so easily. The brain is capable of so much!

Although my children aren't being raised in a bilingual household, I think any way that they can be exposed to educational and learning experiences is a beneficial one. Which is why Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones (The Seasons) is a wonderful DVD to have on hand for kids of all ages.

Produced by Whistlefritz, Spanish for Kids is an award-winning Spanish immersion DVD series featuring the adorable Fritzi, a lovable, animated mouse who interacts with live-action adults and children to help teach Spanish.

In Las Estaciones, Fritzi wants to celebrate his birthday, which comes in the Fall. With the help of his friend Maria, young viewers learn about the many joys associated with all four seasons, from sledding and snowball fights in winter (el invierno), to trick-or-treating in autumn (el otoƱo). It’s a year-round celebration for kids to enjoy with Fritzi and all his Whistlefritz friends!

Winner of more than 20 awards, Whistlefritz was founded in 2006 by a mom who wanted to teach her own children Spanish, but was frustrated by the lack of high-quality Spanish immersion programs.

Building on the belief that switching back and forth between English and Spanish during the learning process makes it harder for a child to master the new language, Whistlefritz DVDs engage children in "Spanish immersion" - learning by hearing and speaking Spanish without any English translation. Research has shown this Spanish immersion teaching technique to be the most effective way to teach young children a second language.

Each upbeat program in the Spanish for Kids DVD series combines whimsical storylines, colorful animation and graphics, delightful characters, live action footage, and irresistible Latin music that children will want to experience again and again. As it is all in Spanish, the instructor is not only personable and friendly, but it is easy for kids to clearly see her and how she forms each word.

The combination of the pronunciation, songs, animals, and live action do a great job of translating what each Spanish word is portraying in this fun DVD. There is also a booklet included with the song lyrics as well as words and phrases in both English and Spanish which is both informative and a great reference tool for the whole family.

A valuable teaching instrument to add to any home video educational library, Spanish for Kids DVDs have received numerous national honors and accolades from iParenting Media, the Parents’ Choice Foundation, The National Parenting Center, Dr. Toy, The Dove Foundation, Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Awards, and others.

Las Estaciones is recommended for children ages 2-7 and more information about this and the entire Spanish for Kids series is available from Whistlefritz. Retailing for $19.99, this DVD can be found in stores now or ordered off of Amazon (with free shipping).

(Other than information and the Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones (The Seasons) that I received in order to facilitate my review, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my own opinion of this product.)


Anonymous said...

My husband use to be able to speak really good Spanish, and I wasn't too shabby in school either. I find it rewarding when Zoe starts to count, and says uno, dos, tres, and then will say a few more words. We have Dora who helps us, and a Brainy Baby Spanish DVD she really enjoys. I think it's a wonderful second language for our kids, and in reality one I feel we should all learn the basics of

Clueless_Mama said...

It is so funny that you just posted this review. I have been wanting to get something like this for my son to watch. He is really wanting to learn spanish. This looks great! Thanks for the post:) I have enjoyed seeing you on my site. Have a great week.

Liz Mays said...

I remember the kids using Sesame Street as their teacher. This is really great!