Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take an Amazing Zip Line Adventure with Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

I have never once wanted to go bungee jumping. The direct drop and then the jolt to your body as the cord snaps you back up? No, not for me.

I used to think that I'd like to try skydiving, though... or at least I told myself that I would. But now that I'm a parent, it somehow seems like it would be so irresponsible to jump out of an airplane when I have kids. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's perfectly safe... I just don't think that I could bring myself to test that to be sure.

But does that mean that there can't be any excitement in my future? That my days will only be filled with the mundane? Pfffft! Phooey on the mundane, I say. Now that I have been introduced to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, there is no reason why I should think that I can't experience the thrills and exhilaration of the sky right here in the Midwest.

Located in picturesque Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Lake Geneva Canopy Tours is set on almost 100 acres of beautiful woods and meadow that was just waiting for an extreme way to experience it. Open year round, this is one way to take a view of nature while doing something that can only be described as an adventure.

When my husband and I arrived at the offices to check in, we both weren't completely sure what to expect.

Considering the amount of mud on the 4-wheeler pulled up out front, I think we both wondered for a minute what we had gotten ourselves into.

After signing a few waivers and getting safely geared up in harnesses and helmets, we headed out with three SkyGuides and a total of eight of us ready to try out something new.
Being that I'm not afraid of heights, I wasn't too nervous about what we were about to experience. However, Lake Geneva Canopy Tours really makes it so that it doesn't matter if you're fearful or fearless, because everything from their clear instructions to their friendly staff ensures that there isn't any reason to worry.

When we first arrived at the course, we were greeted with mud (this is Wisconsin in the springtime, after all) and a zip line at ground level that was just right for practicing and getting comfortable with the whole process. We learned the different maneuvers we would need to know (such as where to hold, hold to slow down, etc) and which signals to watch for from the SkyGuides.

My husband, ever the good student, closely watching the SkyGuides' demonstration

After taking my turn trying out the apparatus, I felt even more confident that we were going to have a great time... after all, when else was I going to have a chance to soar through the air on a zip line?

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours is currently working on the completion of a few more zip lines (including a racing zip almost 1,200 feet long where two riders zoom next to each other) but our tour was still completely amazing. By going from platform to platform through the trees surrounded with spectacular views, this was an experience unlike any other.

No matter how high off of the ground we were, be it 10 feet or 75, there was never a point in which a single participant wasn't hooked on and completely safe. Each time we took a turn moving from a platform, our SkyGuides took care to move one harness clip at a time and check that we were secure and ready to take flight.

Plus, they were really, really funny. And when you're laughing, it's much harder to not be at ease and trusting, isn't it?

Mixed in with the zip lines, we also walked across SkyBridges and up a magnificent spiral staircase, again giving us the opportunity to take in our surroundings and appreciate the beauty of nature.

As much as the thrill of our afternoon's tour was plenty enjoyable on its own, it was also great to hear just how much Lake Geneva Canopy Tours designed their plan around the preservation of the ecosystem. Some of the wood used came from downed trees right there on the property and as much care as possible went into minimizing the affects that the course would have on the trees and area. How cool is that?

For a thrill for all levels of adventure enthusiast, this is a unique, eco-friendly experience that my husband and I really enjoyed. From the shorter, more leisurely zips to riding "The Beast" (which is 840 feet long and allows you to reach speeds of more than 25 mph), we both left smiling and in high spirits.

The entire afternoon took around 2 - 2½ hours from start to finish and even though we visited Lake Geneva Canopy Tours on a beautiful day, we both agreed that it would be great to return in other seasons to experience the splendor of the sights. Rates vary but a basic canopy tour costs $85 and there are requirements based on health (riders' weight must be between 70 and 250 pounds, so no young children are allowed).

A short drive from all across Wisconsin or Illinois, if you live or are visiting the area, don't miss the chance to take to the sky and experience this amazing adventure! Visit Lake Geneva Canopy Tours for more information or to make your reservation today and also be sure to connect with this awesome company on Facebook and Twitter as well.

(A big thank you to US Family Guide and Lake Geneva Canopy Tours for providing my husband and I a chance to visit and try out this amazing outdoor adventure)


jacque4u2c said...

I work in an underground cavern and we are getting ready to open undergrouund zip lines. You actually will be zipping in the dark. It will be dimly lit!

Liz Mays said...

I vote for the canopy tours to take place in Spring or Summer. It looks like a lot of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my how fun! I'm coming over to go with ya. My husband is deathly afraid of heights, trust me you'll laugh when you see how big he is lol, but this would be so much fun. I went on a sky coaster before with 3 people, where they drop you it was amazing!!!

Lisa Noel said...

OMG I don't think I could do it. They talked about it while we were at the Abbey and in theory it sounds cool but from your photos, I think I'd pee my pants!!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

How did I not see you did this?? Amazing girl!! I don't think I ever could!