Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amika Tourmaline Curler & Hydration Cream {Review}

Amika logoI have to admit that I've spent far too much of my life fighting with my hair instead of loving it.

I know that I'm not the only one, as doesn't it seem that all women with straight hair want thick, wavy locks, while all of us with natural curls envy those stick-straight 'dos?

However, instead of spending one more minute using sub-par styling tools or hair care products, women have the ability to have salon-quality hair at home thanks to brands that know and understand our needs. We want items that will save time and result in no damage, just like those that are available from Amika.

amika reviewA leader in the professional salon, fashion, and hair styling industry, Amika is continually developing new ways to perfect the art of hair styling. Having tried a variety of tools and products in the past, when their 13mm Tourmaline Curler and Obliphica Hydration Cream arrived, I was looking forward to giving them a try.

amika beauty productsThe 13mm Tourmaline Curler includes a clip-free barrel that allows you to create curls or waves without having to tug or crease them. Simply wrap your hair around the tool and let the infrared waves gently heat your locks into the smooth, shiny style that you're after.

Although I'm not a pro at using clip-free curling irons, I was glad that Amika made theirs extremely easy and accessible to use. With one flip of the power switch, I only had to wait around 10 seconds before the tourmaline barrel was heated and ready to go.

Amika curling ironBy carefully wrapping my hair around the barrel (the safety glove is a great addition to be sure that you don't hurt yourself), I've had very consistent results each time I've used this curler. The heat is always evenly distributed and the curls do come out frizz-free and soft.

no-clip curling ironAlthough the retail price ($129) is higher than what you'll find on the shelf at the store, if you're looking for a high quality curler that won't let you down or fall apart after a few uses, this is a great option.

And, when it comes to soft, the Obliphica Hydration Cream is one of my new favorite tools for achieving just that.

hair creamEnriched with Moroccan argan oil and vitamin C, this cream provides deep conditioning and essential moisture to your hair and smells delicious. Although it can be used on either on wet or dry hair, I have found that applying this cream to my hair right out of the shower makes it feel deep conditioned, more manageable, and not at all weighed down. I love it!

Not only do us regular folks get to enjoy Amika's great products, but celebrities do as well when they take their looks on-screen. Celebrity hair stylist and founder of David Lopez Hair, David Lopez’s client list includes Heather Morris, Lea Michelle, Diana Agron and the rest of the Glee Cast. And when it's time to create their signature looks, David has great tips to show us how:

Diana Agron's slicked-back ponytail

Diana AgronAlthough the ponytail is often misrepresented as an "easier" style to replicate, David's clients have asked him time and time again how to make a simple style look modern and fun. His tips:

Diana's ponytail is always super clean. I first prep damp hair with a light hold mousse or styling spray to give the hair some grip. Using a brush and blow dryer gently, smooth the hair back directing it into the shape of a ponytail and towards the crown.

Once dry, spray your brush with a brushable hold hairspray and start smoothing your hair into a ponytail securing with a small snagless ponytail holder. Once your ponytail is secure start wrapping one inch sections of your pony around a curling rod or use your flat iron to give the ponytail some bounce.

Heather Morris’s High Curly Pony

Heather MorrisHeather's ponytail is always fun and playful and the side bangs add a youthful and flattering effect to this style. David suggests:

Follow the same preparation steps as for Diana's ponytail except leaving your bangs out. After securing, help give the bangs some body by wrapping around a large barrel curling iron or curling rod. Gently smooth with your brush and tuck behind the ear, securing with a bobby pin if necessary. After curling your pony instead of brushing out gently rake through with your fingers to keep the texture and volume.

You can add a fun twist by adding a stretchy colorful ponytail holder on top of your snagless for a "retro" or extra playful look. Always remember to place these ponytails on the crown, as this follows the line of your cheek bone and is flattering on everyone!

Lea Michelle's Soft Waves

Lea MichelleWho doesn't love Lea Michelle's soft waves? Hearing that they are easy to recreate and end up appearing effortless yet polished is even better!

This style is most easily achieved on all density hair types (fine, medium, thick) and best with naturally straight to wavy hair. First, prep damp hair with a light styling mouse or blow dry spray. Gently start rough drying your hair directing the roots upwards and the opposite way of the natural growth pattern as this gives natural looking height and body.

Once hair is 80-90% dry use a large round brush to smooth the ends of your hair. Don't forget to give your hair a cold shot of air from your blow dryer to help keep preserve the smoothness! Your final step is to create the bounce and polish. Using a 1
¼" barrel size curing iron, take two inch sections of hair and roll from the ends of the hair up.

You don't have to worry about creating curl, this is more about creating wave and giving the ends shape and bounce. Once you've completed your entire head, rake your fingers through the completed style with a small amount of styling serum to amp up the shine!

Whether you're looking to imitate the Glee cast or just make your everyday style, Amika has the stylers, accessories, and hair care products to ensure that you get salon-quality results right at home. Check them out on their website as well as on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest about their full collection of high quality items.

(Other than the 13mm Tourmaline Curler and Hydration Cream I was provided by Amika, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of this company and these products.)


Mellisa said...

I just recently started using a clip-free curling iron and find that although it take a lot of practice the curl is so much better! I can do the right side of my head really good but I'm still working on getting both sides to look the same. I love the tips on how to get the GLEE hair looks. :)