Sunday, October 2, 2011 presents Three Dots and Three Little Dots fashions {Review}

Zappos logoThere are times when the fashion sense of my girls and I overlap and times when it does not... the latter mainly when they are wearing some combination of three different patterns, mismatched socks, a tutu, and a safari vest all at the same time.

However, there have also been multiple times when I've pulled an item out of their closets and thought that I would wear it if it came in my size. Not to mention all of the instances when they have looked at me and said, I like your shirt, Mommy! and then, a bit more wistfully, I wish I had one like it.

Fortunately, thanks to and their collections of Three Dots and Three Little Dots clothing, the three of us are now able to dress in matching apparel that is fashionable, comfortable, and works for all ages.

Zappos reviewWell-known for its perfect fit, top quality and great design, the Three Dots brand has been an instant hit from its inception more than 15 years ago. Offering simple and classic All-American styles (that never go out of style) that are created out of top-quality, durable fabrics that will last, Three Dots has long been known as more than a fashion - it's a lifestyle.

So, with moms and daughters everywhere that want to be hip, chic and comfortable while also dressing alike, successfully influenced Three Dots to design a little girls' fashion collection, Three Little Dots, to sell exclusively on their site. And when their Three Dots S/S Scoop Neck Dress and Three Little Dots Kids Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Dresses arrived, we were able to see why these collections are just as popular as they are.

mother daughter dressesFeaturing relaxed, scoop necklines, straight hemlines, and A-line styling, right away I could tell that these Moroccan Coral-colored dresses were going to be extremely versatile. Whether worn alone or jazzed up with accessories, the girls and I were ready to head out to play, go out to lunch, or head out for a night on the town (preschool-style, of course).

matching mommy daughterThe mix of 50% Supima cotton and 50% modal in the Three Little Dots dresses made them extremely luxurious-feeling and both Big Sister E and Little Sister B commented on how soft it felt against their skin as they easily pulled them on over their heads.

Three Dots reviewI love the complete simplicity of these dresses and how very appropriate they are for little girls. Instead of looking as though they are trying to be mini-teenagers, they look chic and cute as the vivid color brings out the happiness of childhood.

little girls dressesMy matching Three Dots dress was 100% combed cotton, which has been just right for staying cool in the summer or layering with a sweater and tights now that the temperatures have dropped. Together, all three of us have had a great time matching!

matching dressesBeing impressed by Three Dots and Three Little Dots has lasted long past the day that these dresses arrived. Made in the USA, they have been washed and tumbled dried and continue to look just like new, an indication of the quality of the fabric and construction.

Plus, as both lines of apparel have the iconic Three Dots Three Little Dots logotrademark, the ellipsis, heat-stamped on the fabric, I can always rest assured that there won't be tags poking or scratching any of us. Instead, the girls are both always more than excited to put on their Three Little Dots dresses and know that they look adorable!

They (and I) never have any issues being constricted or have trouble moving and instead get to act like kids being kids...

playing in leavesPrices for the Three Dots and Three Little Dots collections on are slightly higher than what are found in the store (the Three Dots S/S Scoop Neck Dress retails for $71 and the Three Little Dots Kids Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Dresses for $40), but the higher quality is easily apparent.

For more information on their colorful collections of dresses, tops, sweaters, pants, shorts and more for the entire family, visit and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Other than the Three Dots and Three Little Dots items I was provided by, I was not compensated or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my honest opinion of these products.)


Jenny said...

Cute pic, the dresses look great on you all!

Anonymous said...

These are so darn cute, we love ours. They are so comfortable. You all look so adorable!

Mellisa said...

That is just the most adorable thing! I love those dresses the girls look so cute and that is a fantastic pic of all 3 of you guys!

kailani said...

We got those same dresses to review - mine is orange and Kacie's is blue. They're so comfortable!

You guys look so great in your matching outfits!

Liz Mays said...

That is just the cuuuuuuuuutest thing to see the three of you all matched up and adorable!

StatuePerson said...

I love the matching dresses!

Tricia said...

so darling I love it

LeeAnn said...

You all look so pretty in your matching dresses! What a great picture! :-D