Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Twinn: The Just-Like-Me Doll {Review}

My Twinn logoWhen it comes to selecting a gift for a little girl, things like art supplies or dress up clothes are always a big hit. But the quintessential much-loved item?

A doll.

Nearly every little girl has a built-in maternal instinct that makes them want to either take care of a doll as a baby or love it as a best friend. A doll can be a playmate, a confidante, and so much more.

But, let's admit it. After a while you can only have so much of the same old, same old dolls on the shelf at the store, right? Instead, when you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind, unique and special gift, then there is nothing like the customized results from My Twinn.

My Twinn dollCreated by skilled artisans who use the information you provide (about your child's skin, eyes, hair color, and much more) as well as photographs you submit, the finished My Twinn doll ends up featuring a beautiful likeness to your child. More than a toy, this is an item that is sure to be treasured and passed down to future generations... while, at the same time, the durable, high quality of the construction means that it isn't meant to stay untouched on the shelf.

Sitting down to create Big Sister E's doll (I did it without her input so that the doll would be a surprise, but this would be a really fun thing to do together), I was happy to see that the process was going to be extremely easy and straightforward. Starting with the skin, eye, and hair color...

My Twinn custom...I simply chose the shades of each that I thought most closely resembled my daughter.

Moving on, selecting the details about the hair took only a few more clicks. With the ability to select the length (multiple options from short by the ear to reaching long to the lower back), texture (from Very Straight to Tight Curls), style (left down or in a variety of ponytails or braids), and bangs (Pie-Shaped Bangs, Wispy Bangs or No Bangs).

The third step was choosing an outfit for the My Twinn doll to arrive wearing and I thought it was very cute that you are able to purchase a matching outfit for your daughter as well. At the time that I was ordering Big Sister E's doll, there were only three outfit selections and I had thought that it would be nice if there were a few more... and now there are!

My Twinn outfitsAfter picking out an outfit, the fourth step was to indicate if you wanted to add any freckles, birthmarks or moles to your My Twinn by completing a "freckling sheet." Although Big Sister E doesn't have any distinguishing marks (meaning I declined that option), I still appreciated that it was a possibility. I have multiple beauty marks of my own and know that if I was creating a twin of myself that she wouldn't be complete without them!

Finally, the last steps are to choose if you would like to submit your child's photographs electronically or by mail and then to add on any additional accessories. With everything from earrings to sunglasses to a storage closet, there are multiple ideas for ways to make this more than just another doll.

After submitting my choices, I uploaded three photos that I felt showed Big Sister and her cute features well...

happy girl...and then I sat back to eagerly await the arrival of her My Twinn.

The website states that the dolls take three weeks to create once the completed profile information is received and for us, it didn't even take that long. Right away I received an email confirmation that my profile had been successfully submitted and that the artisans were working on my project. From hand-painting things like the eyebrows and lips to creating just the hairstyle I had picked, they were hard at work already.

Only five days later I was shocked to receive another email that the My Twinn had been shipped! With Big Sister E's fifth birthday right around the corner, I decided to keep this surprise boxed up a few more days so that she could open the gift at the party.

birthday presents for girlsExcited, much?

Big Sister E (and many of our party attendees) were pretty amazed when she tore the paper off of her My Twinn and found such a unique gift inside. After things had quieted down, we looked at the doll more closely to see the details and how well she matched to her new best friend.

My Twinn reviewArriving well-packaged and with a full pamphlet of information (about the doll, what to do if you need changes made or damages fixed, etc), the My Twinn looked at us and we looked at her.

MyTwinn reviewBig Sister E loved her doll right from the start and immediately began playing with her and carrying her around. At 23" tall, this isn't a regular "baby doll," but much more like a true friend.

As for the resemblance?

twin dollNot bad! The skin is a shade too dark but that is my fault, as I chose Fair when I really should have picked Very Fair. But the nose, lips, and hair color are extremely close and the blue eyes are nearly a match as well... all that the My Twinn needs is a bit more of the chunky cheeks that Big Sister E has had her whole life and they would have been even closer to actual twins!

Although the doll arrived with her hair in a ponytail, we quickly found that it can be wet, dried, combed, curled or pretty much styled however your daughter would like or depending on her hairstyle of the day.

Made in the USA out of phthalate-free vinyl, these dolls are soft and huggable but also have 18 different joints such as knees, elbows, ankles and more that make them very easily posed. She can stand or sit on her own...

doll with well as being fully flexible enough to do the splits!

flexible dollWith so many possible poses, our My Twinn has found her way into a variety of adventures and tales that she and Big Sister E have gone on. There isn't much that this duo hasn't done!

Retailing for $149, a My Twinn doll does cost quite a bit more than simply pulling a doll off of the shelf at the store. However, I do think that this type of high quality purchase is more than just another doll and will instead be a keepsake that Big Sister E will keep and quite possibly pass down to her daughter someday. Besides, when else is she going to have a doll created just for her?

For girls that are looking to help create a friend that doesn't necessarily have to look exactly like them, My Twinn has also recently debuted My BFF, giving girls a place to create a doll just to their liking. Maybe Big Sister E and her My Twinn might like to hang out with this BFF who resembles a certain someone?

My BFF dollI think I'm pretty cute as a doll, aren't I?

With the holidays right around the corner, in order to receive a My Twinn doll in time for Christmas they have to have received all of your information by December 12. For parents, grandparents or other family members looking to really give a one-of-a-kind gift this year, check out all that has to offer (and visit them on Facebook as well). This would be sure to be one present that wouldn't soon be forgotten!

Or, how about winning your own customized My Twinn doll? My Twinn is hosting an online contest through December 5, 2011. Simply visit their Free Doll Giveaway page on their website and enter!

(Other than the My Twinn doll that I was able to customize and order in conjunction with my membership to Team Mom, I was not provided with anything or enticed to do this review in any way. This review is solely my opinion of this website and their products.)


Jenny said...

We got a My Twinn catalog in the mall the other day. Those are pretty neat!

Jaedyn said...

Those are so cute! I think the doll looks a lot like your daughter, pretty good for creating a look-alike from a photo. :)

LeeAnn said...

I think E's doll came out great, and she sure seems to love it. Now you just HAVE to get one of yourself! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I want to go make one. How did I miss this one:( So darn cute!