Saturday, October 29, 2011

SignUpGenius: Making Event Planning Organized and Easy

Sometimes I think that in a past lifetime I might have been a party planner.

Probably not for something as stressful and large as a wedding (no thanks, Bridezillas!), but more on the smaller end for things like potlucks, family reunions or elementary school events. There's just something about the organizing and scheduling and list-making that I get satisfaction from... not to mention seeing the results after hosting or running a get-together and the fun and happiness it can provide.

Or maybe it's not a past life I'm thinking of and I have a future leadership position with my kids' PTA. Only time will tell!

But as much as I enjoy all of the arranging and brainstorming and preparation for an event or activity, the communication with others involved can often be difficult. Sending out written or online invitations, waiting for RSVPs, hoping that a potluck won't end up with 10 plates of cookies but 0 fruit plates... there's just a lot to keep track of when it comes to support.

Fortunately, that's where and their FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists is the perfect solution.

SignUpGenius logoSignUpGenius is, well, genius! It easily allows users to customize sign ups to organize people, coordinate events or collect items. Instead of constant letters or emails, it eliminates the need for paper sign-ups, reply-to-all emails, and phone trees.

Focusing on six main categories (Home & Family, Schools, Churches, Non-profits, Sports, and Colleges), creating your form is fast and easy. SignUpGenius provides plenty of simple templates to choose from and there are even video tutorials to help you get your sign up completed. There is never any worry about who can see names or contact information because SignUpGenius provides several privacy settings so the form creator can determine who has permission to sign up.

Once you've created your account (free!) getting started takes only moments:

SignUpGeniusEasy, right?

Everything from a Sports Team Snack List to Class Registration to a Holiday Party (and many more) can be created, organized and sent out to everyone involved.

sign up lists
I really appreciate the way that SignUpGenius allows you to customize each sign up so that it works for your particular event and that it will send out automated email reminders to everyone involved so that you aren't spending your time doing it. At the same time, the creator of the list is able to send emails to all group members of a sign up right from the site, so keeping everyone informed is never a problem.

As an added bonus, SignUpGenius remembers previous groups that you have made and allows you to choose one of them for each sign up (or create a new one, if you would rather). That way when it comes time for the next potluck or community festival, you're already partway done!

online sign up formsWhether you are ensuring that classroom donations aren't all boxes of tissues or that your next party will have more than only bags of potato chips, it only takes a few clicks for busy folks everywhere to have their event organized and under control. Head over to SignUpGenius and see just how easy planning your next event can be!

You'll love the prompt and personalized support and assistance you can receive if needed, the free planning resource articles with tips on coordinating volunteers that they offer, and even the contests that they hold to engage and reward site users. Then just sit back and enjoy the party! thanked me with a gift card for honestly reviewing their site. The gift card was not dependent on a positive or negative review of the site, but was compensation for helping to spread the word.


Jessica Allen said...

This looks like something right up my alley! I will have to try it out the next event I have :)

Belly Charms said...

This is awesome!!! I have been using it for 2 months and love it. I am my son's Kindergarten class mom and I use it to schedule all of the classroom and special event volunteers. I make the list, parents sign up and I get an email letting me know. It totally Rocks!!! And the templates are so cool too!!