Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrate the Season with Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

Tiny Prints logoWith the arrival of October, the tiny nagging voice in the back of my mind that says The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! has already begun letting me know that December will be here before I know it.

In previous years I found myself stressing over getting our holiday cards ordered at the last minute, but have since done a better job of planning in advance. Last year I was even able to extend that to my family when my sister-in-law and her husband helped with a Tiny Prints review that featured their amazing selection and quality.

The results were nothing short of stylish and, even though I had seen the cards already, when we received ours in the mail, I was still extremely impressed... and, quite honestly, a little jealous. Even though I've seen (and sent) a variety of other holiday cards over the years, there is just something about Tiny Prints that has remained unmatched.

And their selection of holiday photo cards for 2011 is no exception!

holiday photo cardsAs I've noticed in the past, Tiny Prints makes it easy to browse and narrow down their cards with all of the filters along the left of the screen. Whether you know you want a certain number of pictures, to stay within a set budget, use particular colors or card sizes... simply check those options and Tiny Prints will show which of their hundreds of cards meets the criteria.

Plus, I've always appreciated the ease and convenience of the Favorites Folder that Tiny Prints has tucked away at the bottom of the screen. With so many cards to choose from, being able to put your favorites into one spot makes it possible to compare them side-by-side to make a final decision easily.

Tiny Prints
Of course, even with all of the ways that Tiny Prints makes browsing and shopping more convenient, deciding on a final pick is still extremely difficult. We are having family pictures taken in a few weeks, so I'm waiting until after I've seen them to figure out what card will work best, but I currently have four in my Favorites Folder that are in the running.

As I'm planning on showcasing multiple great photos, I love the way that the Checkerboard Chic: Cranberry and the Crafty Charm: Cream are loaded with them on the front and back...

holiday photo cards
...but I also adore the rounded corners and the multiple images featured on the Photo Wishes: Teal design...

holiday cards
...however, the complete uniqueness of the Fun Fair Isle: Bright Green is something that I really like. How cool that the center image flips back and forth when you open and close the card!

unique holiday cards
It looks like I'm going to have some major decision-making to do once I see our photos. Fortunately, I know that whichever card I pick is going to turn out great simply because it will be from Tiny Prints. They haven't let me down once in the past and I have no doubt that they'll continue to impress me in the future!

Have you started thinking about the holidays yet? Do you tend to order your cards in advance or at the last minute?

(I will be provided Holiday Cards by Tiny Prints in exchange for this post, however, all thoughts and ideas stated here are my own. This post is solely my opinion of this website and their wonderful products.)